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SLP 5—Literature Review: HEORY AND RESEARCH: RESULTS (Case Study Sample)


SLP 5—Literature Review: Writing an Introduction, Summary & Final Draft
In the previous assignment (SLP 4), a draft of the body of the literature review (Chapter 2) for the proposed dissertation topic was created. Once the body of a chapter is completed, the introduction and summary follow naturally in the writing process. In this assignment, draft the introduction and summary of the review of the literature for the intended study. Finally, revise SLP 3-4 and the introduction and summary into a Final Draft for the Mini Literature Review (SLP 5).
Draft the Introduction to the literature review (Chapter 2). The Introduction should include, among other items, a) an opening sentence that describes the topic to be investigated, b) a description of topic’s importance to the field, c) a summary of the themes, theories, and research methods to be discussed in the literature review.
Write the Final Draft of the SLP 5 Mini Literature Review using a) the revised work from SLP 3-4 that incorporates the feedback from the instructor, and b) the introduction and summary of the literature review.
Conclude the final draft with an Action Plan for revising the SLP 5 Mini Review of the Literature document (post this course). What additional themes or theories should be located, read, and synthesized to further refine the future dissertation research?
Submit the Literature Review to the SLP 5 dropbox.
Upload the Literature Review to the 800 course –“Draft of Literature Review” dropbox


Literature Summary
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Infant/neonatal mortality rate is an issue that has attracted global attention over the years. In order to achieve the sustainable development goals, strategies that will help in the reduction of neonatal and infant mortality rates must be implemented. Across the world, more than 8 million children under the age of five years die annually where 3.3 million of these deaths occur during the first 28 days of life. Neonatal and infant mortalities account for the increasing child death rates. This increasing high rate is unacceptable and must be controlled if better child survival is to be achieved. In developing countries, majority of mothers and newborns do not receive the appropriate care during and after birth. However, more than half of the newborn deaths can be prevented if effective measures are provided to the mothers and newborns at birth and during the first month of life. 

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