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Sirius XM Satellite Radio Case Assignment Paper (Case Study Sample)


The article is inside the uploaded document called "case11, c-158"*
Here are the guiding questions for Sirius XM Radio. Remember to read these questions first, then write your response, THEN SUBMIT YOUR CASE ANALYSIS USING APPENDIX I IN THE COURSE OUTLINE:
1. What is your assessment of the strength of competitive pressures that Sirius XM must contend with as a provider of radio entertainment services (principally for motor vehicle owners)? A five forces analysis should be used to develop your answer to this question. Which competitive forces are strongest? Weakest?
2. How is the marketplace for providing in-vehicle radio entertainment changing? What are the underlying drivers of change? Are these driving forces acting to make the business of a satellite radio provider such as Sirius XM more or less attractive from the standpoint of competitive intensity and potential for good profitability?
3. What does a SWOT analysis reveal about Sirius XM's overall situation as of 2014?
4. Which one of the five generic competitive strategies discussed in Chapter 5 most closely approximates the competitive approach that Sirius XM is employing?Case 11 Teaching Note Sirius XM Satellie Radio Inc. in 2014
5. What is your evaluation of Sirius XM's financial performance during the 2010–2013 period (as shown in case Exhibit 2)? Table 4.1 in Chapter 4 provides guidance on doing financial statement analysis; you should become accustomed to using the financial ratios in Table 4.1 as guides for evaluating a company's financial performance.


Sirius XM Satellite Radio Case
Sirius XM Satellite Radio case
Sirius XM Satellite Radio has gained an economy of scale through the radio distribution strategies. Sirius XM satellite radio offers online radio services in America. Sirius was launched in 2002 providing 69 channels of music. The company deals with almost all car manufacturers, allowing consumers access their services. They offer a free trial subscription when one purchase or lease a car. Sirius XM satellite radio deals with bands, radio hosts, and other sports league. The company broadcast NFL, NBA, PGA Tour, and NASCAR, NHL and NCAA and other sporting leagues broadcasting live events. The company also ventures into special deals crafted to permit Sirius XM station broadcast songs on one band.
There are more than 230 million registered car owners and more than 120 million households in both Canada and America; these are the regions where Sirius XM operates. The satellite radio market comprises of over 24 million subscribers and is expected to continue growing, reaching 30 million in the next coming years. The internet radio broadcaster is the latest invention in the industry. Users get free subscriptions for a while or pay a small amount for the services. Companies fight to gain more subscribers owing that there are more than 230 million registered cars in the country. The new invention includes creating easy ways for con

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