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ElectircGov (Case Study Sample)


In any team, problems will arise and team members will have questions about the conflict and how to resolve it. Members across departments must collaborate and contribute to the resolution of any unhealthy form of team conflict. Based on Case One: ElectriGov (found on page 177 in your textbook), answer the following questions:
1. Why is it important for an organization to have a mission?
2. Why is it important for team members to know their roles on a team?
3. Is competition within a team a good or bad thing? Explain your response.
4. Why is it important to set short- and long-term goals when planning a meeting regarding conflicts? Provide examples.
5. Why is it significant for leaders to understand how to resolve conflict and avoid unhealthy agreements?
Your Case Study should be in APA style with a minimum of two pages (not including the title and references pages).
Dyer, W. G., Jr., Dyer, J. H., & Dyer, W. G. (2013). Team building: Proven strategies for improving team performance (5th ed.). San Francisco, CA: Jossey-Bass.


Response to question 1
Having a mission helps employees of the organization to concentrate on service delivery and avoid deviating to other unnecessary activities. In this case "ElectriGov" has the mission of supplying electric power to various locations in the United States of America (Dyer, 2013). The mission helps "line crews" to concentrate on increasing power supply in the United States.
Response to question 2
Team members should know their roles so as to avoid duplication of duties and achieve the set organizational goals within the stipulated time. In this case "ElectriGov" has three "line crews" with each crew being assigned a different role. Each crew has five to ten members under the leadership of a foreman (Dyer, 2013). Every member of a crew has a particular function that supplements work done by one another. For example, one member of the crew could be installing an electric pole, another one doing wiring and another one issuing instructions. These roles are different but supplement each other to ensure that the team meets the set target of supplying electricity.
Response to question 3
Competition within a team is a bad thing because it causes unneces...
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