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West Indian Female Immigration (Book Review Sample)


• Read Raising Brooklyn by Tamara M. Brown • Focus your analysis on a central theme that you found in the book. Of course most themes are intersectional but your paper should be organized around a thesis. • An example of themes can include: employee/employer relations and consequences for West Indian immigrant women and their families, developing new social relations and the use of technology to sustain immigrant families, social spaces and the development of community and cultural identity and gender expectations among West Indian immigrants and families. • You can choose a theme from the list above or discuss a thesis you found interesting based on your interpretation of the book. • After deciding on a theme, refer to specific examples in Raising Brooklyn to support how the participants in this book negotiate their social position in light of these themes. This is the general focus of your paper. • • what are the cultural, structural, familial, economic and political implications surrounding the issues affecting or affected by the central theme you are discussing? How does this affect the everyday lives of West Indian women in the ethnography? Cite at least 3 examples of this and discuss in detail. Please list the page number of the examples you are using. • • • Lastly, discuss your own interpretation/perspective on the thesis topic you chose. Why did you choose this topic? What does this mean for the assimilation of immigrant women in the U.S. and their transnational lives? • 1 inch margins on all sides of the page


West Indian Female Immigration
West Indian Female Immigration
In the book West Indian Immigrants: A black success story? “A question is asked, why do black immigrants do so much better than blacks born in America?” This question rings a bell in our minds, thus demands an answer. A study carried out in the United States on their census in the year 2000 revealed that black immigrants were at a higher chance of earning higher income from household related jobs as compared to their American born counterparts. Various themes have been used in the book to pass the intended message to the audience. However, this article aims at discussing the theme of employee/employer relations and consequences for West Indian immigrant women and their families from a broad point of view.
In the book Raising Brooklyn, the above argument comes out clearly since the employee and employer related well. This can be understood through a critical analysis of examples in the writings. Based on the readings, it was not uncommon for employees to refer to their employers by their first name. This shows that the employee and employer were very close allowing for such to happen (Brown, 2011). Though it was rear for the same to be talked about on the employer side, some employers shunned from calling their employees babysitters. This was not the case for all employers as some felt it was a befitting title. To them it was an indication of a casual and occasional if not periodic worker.
To each other, the employees found the term that spoke much about themselves was “Ladies”. It is what they referred to each other. Phrase like “the ladies will be coming to the park just now” were commonly heard in the parks. Some experts argue that this good relation between employee and employer spoke much non-verbally. To them, the main reason there was good blood between employers and the former is that West Indian employees accepted lower salaries, as opposed to other black immigrants (Model, 2008).
Some even claim that West Indians are more educated than their Latino counterparts. That this is the main reason for the high numbers of employment with their employer’s remains to be agreed upon. West Indian immigrant women employment rate has increased as opposed to their male partners in New York (Brown, 2011). This has led to a shift in the way things were in the past. This is because it was men who found jobs overseas and brought their family members to join them. This is not the case since the women have now got the ability or power to attain education and get good paying jobs. This has resulted in a shift, in the migration patterns of the West Indian community. Their women now are the ones who find employment and leave the family members first.
One can agree that immigration patterns have been largely affected by the changes in the employment sector between men and women accordingly. However, as opposed ...
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