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It's Your Ship: Management Techniques from the Best Damn Ship in the Navy (Book Review Sample)

Book Review components: It's Your Ship: Management Techniques from the Best Damn Ship in the Navy By D. Michael Abrashoff 1. General overview of book 2. Discussion of Abrashoff's leadership approach 3. Discussion of motivational theories which are reflected in Abrashoff's leadeship style 4. Your personal perspective on how his leadership approach would or would not work in criminal justice and why. 5. Why do you believe CPT Abrashoff did not stay in the Navy longer or end his career as an admiral? 6. Connect the content of the book with your observations/experiences in your group, and with your group leadership 7. Any other or personal insights not discussed earlier Each of the listed components must be used as a heading in your book review. Standard APA format is expected. Fillers, extra spacing, quotations, and other fillers do not count towards the required pages. ALL BOOK REVIEWS must include at least four different outside references, including the class text, and from three or more book/s or articles you have read, on line or off. https://cid-e14a3f8716f778a2(dot)office(dot)live(dot)com/self.aspx/Justice%20Administration%206th%20edition%20by%20Kenneth%20J.%20Peak%20Class%20Text%20Book.doc source..

An essay on it’s your ship: management techniques from the best damn ship in the navy and criminal justice.
It’s your ship: Management techniques from the best damn ship
General overview of book
The book ``it’s your ship: management techniques from the best damn ship`` has captured the attention of many within and without the navy. The author has used easy and insightful views of seeing the ship through the eyes of the crew. The book shows how the author reduced activities that did not have any value to the performance of the employees. Captain Abrashoff improved his own personal skills to be an example to the rest in fostering performance. When he was given the responsibility of controlling USS Benfold, a ship with all the modern technology but without good performance, he took it upon himself to transform the ship. Captain Abrashoff using his own acquired skills transfers the experience to his team. He initiated the motto ``it`s your ship`` that is “take the work as your own”. It did not take long before the strategy got attention from all over the navy. He communicated the strategy, and this improved the crews’ performance. He also created a discipline which was purpose driven. This improved the discipline of his team when they realized the importance of what they were doing.. The book shows us how good management brings desirable results. The book uses ideas and principles used by other authors on management. The book shows that it does not matter the locality, the concept works everywhere. He gave his team an opportunity to explore their potential to the fullest where restrictions were orders of the day and any error could lead to loss of lives.
This book is very inspiring and moves managers to learn some of the most general and successful skills they have studied, it encourages them to use such skills in their own environments, regardless of what one does or the place of doing it.
Discussion of Abrashoff's leadership approach
Captain Abrashoff Michael`s approach of leadership used the following strategies to serve as an example:
listening carefully
communicate purpose and significance
creating an environment of trust
Be results driven, not orders.
Take calculated risks
Generate unity and improve the quality of life of your team as much as possible.
Abrashoff believed that a leader could not achieve what he/she wanted to do through ordering, he recognized that those below him followed his lead and that he had a great influence on his team. The employees will always look up to their leader for ways on how to perform what the company expects of them. Abrashoff saw problems as part of himself and informed his workers how important they were to him and believed he was supposed to set the tone for the company. Leaders need to be accountable in their institutions. Abrashoff also displayed a very unique characteristic of a leader. Though one is responsible for enforcing policies, when there is an objection a leader is supposed to carry the order fully.
The first approach was listening carefully. Abrashoff vowed always to have meetings with members of his team. Though it wasn’t easy the passion and elegance of his crew team motivated him. He interviewed every member of the crew while listening carefully on how to improve the performance of the crew. He came up with a questionnaire to be filled by each crew and created a good relationship with his employees. Through listening he got suggestions on how to improve his performance of the ship. Through interviewing his crew, Abrashoff was able to match each crew with the task to be performed. Improvement began to appear as the crews learnt their jobs, he decided that Benfold would be the best ship and repeatedly spoke of this until the workers built c...
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