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Strangers & Neighbors Book Review (Book Review Sample)


Read the book using the link below.No internet reviews, internet sources should be used. 
Only this book and your personal reflection and critical review of the topic will acceptable.
TIP: This is my Professors book so Im not saying keep everything positive but try and also be mindful of that fact please.
On p.193, Voyer writes "inequality and exclusion are the ongoing effects of the negotiation of cohesion." Reflecting on Strangers and Neighbors and in total as a book- do you think this is true based on your personal experiences, beliefs? Also present evidence from the book.

Strangers and neighbours
Course title:
Strangers and neighbours
Voyer (2013) pointed out that exclusion and inequality are the ongoing consequences of the negotiation of cohesion. This statement is true considering that the creation of moral standards and divisions, as well as the requirement of their performance causes those who are unwilling or cannot toe the line to be excluded. In a world of cultural strangers and people who are ethnically diverse, there are micro-sociological dilemmas such as anxiety and uncertainty. In a diverse urban city, social order is dependent on the usage of stereotypes, residential and social segregation, intimidation, a lack of trust, in addition to a public etiquette that is typified by appropriate behaviours for instance non-verbal cues of recognition, selective inattention, elevator behaviour, and ca...
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