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Tales of Shamans Apprentice Book Review (Book Review Sample)


Book: Tales of a Shaman’s Apprentice by Mark Plotkin
Questions: What has been the historical approach of pharmaceutical companies toward plant medicines from areas such as the South American tropical forests? What kind of approach has Shaman Pharmaceuticals adopted toward uncovering plant medicines and how does it differ from corporate pharmaceutical companies’ approach? Based on your reading of Plotkin’s book, discuss how successful ethnobotanical research can be conducted and what kinds of contributions it must make in order for it to continue.


Tales of Shaman’s Apprentice Book Review
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Tales of Sham’s Apprentice Book Review
This review is for the book “TALES OF SHAMAN’S APPRENTICE “, by Mark Plotkin. The historical approach of pharmaceutical companies began with the appreciation of the existing traditional knowledge. They needed to know more about different types of plants as well as their uses to make medicines. However, in the 1930s, they took a new path with the advent of the synthetic chemistry. It was later cemented in the 1950s when laboratory-bred “wonder drugs” for instance, the sulfonamides were introduced. Because of such tremendous advancements in the science field, pharmaceutical companies lost interest in using natural plants as the basis of new medications.
Shaman’s pharmaceuticals have a different approach in that it is regarded as moral and a true way of finding cures. These treatments are not limited to colds only but can even treat complicated potential diseases. The company is located in San Carlos a...
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