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Book Review Assignment: Tribe on Homecoming and Belonging (Book Review Sample)


In essay format, answer the following questions:
1) What is the author trying to say about community in U.S. American Culture?
    - Why do military men/women want to go back to the battlefield?
    - What did they find on the battlefield they did not find after returning to the United States? 
2) Where do we find community today in the United States?
     - Where do you find meaningful relationships? Where do you belong? 
3) What is your personal reaction to the book? 
Be sure and answer all questions! Please highlight the beginning when you answer each of the questions.


Tribe on Homecoming and Belonging
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1 What is the author trying to say about the community in U.S. American Culture?
In the book, the author engages readers with a true story of fishermen that were confronting a maritime disaster, in the manner that he provides a reason why people facing the same tragedy must come together for a major cause. In this way, the author reveals a lot about the communities in the American culture where the ‘tribe' looks at the benefits of war as a mean of justifying what the united states of America came to be CITATION Seb16 \l 1033 (Junger, 2016). In this manner, the reader gets the impression from the author that the United State's communities came together because of a disaster. In this regard, he sees that communities in the United States need to go through a sad event like the 9/11 to make them come together and remember the spirit of being an American. In this way, a lot of things that are happening in the United States will come to end. These issues include depression, racism and other social challenges like suicides CITATION Seb16 \l 1033 (Junger, 2016). One of the reasons this can be a positive thing is that reader will reflect the effects of war and conflict and find the reason to come together to build the social, political and eco

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