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Spanish Society Book Report (Book Report Sample)


For this paper you will need the last two chapters from the book "Spanish Society" 1400-1600 by Teofilo F. Ruiz. You will also need the primary source documents that I will attach. I chose "Book Report" as the type of paper to categorize it best as I can. Here is the prompt:
In the last two chapters of Spanish Society, Ruiz attempts to recreate the patterns of everyday life and Spanish attitudes towards honor, dress, food, travel, entertainment, and the like. Select two of these themes and discuss them in detail with references to the primary sources provided and the historical context.

Course title:
Spanish Society 1400 – 1600
In the 2 chapters of Spanish Society from the 15th to the 17th century, Ruiz tries to recreate the patterns of daily life as well as Spanish attitudes toward a number of things including entertainment, travel, food, dress, and honor. In this essay, the themes of travel and honor from the two chapters are discussed comprehensively. These themes are discussed in the historical context of 15th century Spanish society.
Theme of Travel
This theme is evident throughout the two chapters. Ruiz (80) pointed out that in the year 1440, the Infanta Dona Blanca, along with her mother who was the Queen of Navarre, travelled to Castile in order to get married to the Infante Don Enrique who was her cousin and successor to the Castile throne. On the way to Valladoid where the wedding was to occur, the Infanta Dona Blanca travelled through several Castilian towns and cities. In the text, Ruiz (80) noted that an agreement was reached that because both Infante/princess Dona Blanca and Infante/prince Don Enrique were old enough to get married, the princess should travel to Castile to meet to prince and get married to him. Princess Dona Blanca was the daughter of King Navarre whereas Prince Don Enrique was the son of King John II. This shows that for the Infanta or princess to get married to an Infante or prince in 14th century Spanish Society, she was actually expected to travel to the prince’s town and meet the prince there. Put simply, she went to the prince rather than the prince coming for her.
To welcome the princess into the kingdom, important people travelled to Logrono, one of the towns in which the princess had to travel through on her way to Briviesca. These important people included Don Alonso de Cartagena who was the bishop of Burgos, Inigo Lopez de Mendoza who was the lord of Buitrago and Hita, and Don Pedro de Velasco from the count of Haro (Ruiz 80). It is worth mentioning that on her way to Briviesca, the princess travelled through Logrono and Belorado, which is a village located in the count of Haro. This clearly demonstrates that in 15th century Spanish society, the princess and the prince lived in towns that were very distant from each other and the princess had to travel a great distance to get to the palace of the prince. In the text, Ruiz (80) pointed out that on her travel to Briviesca, princess Dona Blanca was accompanied by her mother the Queen of Navarre and Prince Don Carlos who was her brother. However, Prince Don Carlos went back to Navarre after arriving with them at Logrono. This shows that on her travel to meet the prince, the princess in 15th century Spain was actually accompanied by important people who were also close to her; her mother and her brother. Of this two, her mother was the most important person and i...
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