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HIS391 Reading Report 3: Andrade's Lost Colony (Book Report Sample)


Please read the historical evidence from Andrade's Lost Colony. I couldn't find the source. You can just read the summery on the internet. And write the essay base on the reading.
PLEASE write the same way as the essay you wrote for me before.


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Andrade's Lost Colony
Question 1
It is arguable that the Dutch had a significant military advantage over the Chinese because of their warships and fortresses. It is this advantage that allowed them to withstand the Chinese attacks for so long. The Dutch ships were more heavily armed, larger, and could maneuver easily. It is the superiority of the Dutch naval vessels that frightened the Chinese. In open water conditions, these features of their ships gave them an upper hand. In addition, the ships could sail against the wind, which also meant they had more advantage over the Chinese. The designs of the Renaissance fortresses contributed significantly to the Dutch keeping the Chinese at bay. As noted in the book, the Renaissance architecture helped Coyet's soldiers stop Koxinga's army in its tracks which changed the dynamics of the war (Andrade 149). According to Andrade, the Italian renaissance fortress churned out fire like no other fort type (150).
It is deducible that Koxinga eventually matched the superiority of the Dutch with his ability to learn and adapt quickly new strategies. His leadership also played a significant role in matching the military abilities of the Dutch. With the numbers on his side as well as leadership abilities, Koxinga managed to defeat the Dutch side which was advanced technologically. As the C

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