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391 Reading Report 2: Historical Evidence From The Ch'oe Pu (Book Report Sample)


In this reading report, you will make use of historical evidence from the Ch'oe Pu reading to address two or more of the following questions:
1) How do the religious beliefs of Ch'oe Pu compare with those of his companions on the boat?
2) Are Ch'oe Pu's impressions of the character of the Chinese he meets mostly positive or negative? What does he criticize and what does he praise? Why?
3) How does Ch'oe Pu conceive of the relationship between China and Korea? Why are they two separate realms? How are they linked together?
4) Judging from this story, how effective was the Ming government? The Chosŏn government?
Paper should be around 700 words, formatted with double spacing and one-inch margins. 
PLEASE write the essay in the same way as last assignment "reading report 1" so that the professor won't suspect me. Thank you!


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Reading Report 2: Ch'oe Pu
Question 1
The religious beliefs of Ch'oe Pu are uniquely different from those of his companions on the boat. He is the only man on the boat who seems to have hope, and he believes that Heaven will prevent them from dying and allow him to go and mourn his father. All the soldiers that accompanied Ch'oe Pu in the boat lost hope in as soon as the fourth day on the ocean. As noted by Meskill, all the soldiers were sure they would die (32). Therefore, they preferred to wait and die rather than repairing the ship and bailing out water (Meskill 32). They were so hopeless that even being whipped could not get them to obey orders to bail water and repair the ship. Unlike Ch'oe Pu who was hopeful that somehow they would manage through the journey, the soldiers had completely given up hope. In the words of Chong Po, one of Ch'oe Pu's staff, the soldiers are “obstinate, rude, rebellious, and cruel, and they take death lightly” (Meskill 32). From Chong Po's words, the soldiers cannot be said to be as religious as Ch'oe Pu.
Another aspect that sets Ch'oe Pu's as more religious than his companions on the boat is the act of prayer. As informed by Meskill, Ch'oe Pu joined his hands and prayed to the supreme being, Heaven, to see them through the journey (Meskill 34). In the prayer, he goes on to mention that he has not killed anyone nor done any wrong. It is his belief that Heaven is aware of everything that is going on in his life. Therefore, he begs heaven to reverse the winds and make the

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