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Summary of Self Esteem (Book Report Sample)


this is much like a book report read and tell what is the main ideas the author is trying to give. the book is self matters by phillip c. McGraw Ph.D. There must be 6 connecting points to the material from the class notes. It must be easily found the connecting points as the related the material fro the book to the material given in the class which I have given to you. I have pdf the files in 2 parts Again 6 points must relate the class material to the book I have given you examples.


Summary of Self Esteem
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McGraw in his book Self Matters regards Self-esteem as one of the most essential aspects of human life since it helps to shape the way individuals looks at themselves. It can be defined as a term that is deliberately used to refer to the manner in which an individual reflects on his overall emotional evaluation regarding his own worth. It is also a judgment of oneself and signifies the attitude that one has regarded himself. There are several psychologists and life coaches that have tried to tackle the topic of self-esteem with view of helping people to develop self-belief and appreciate themselves properly and adequately. One of the most vocal and essential contributors to this topic is Dr. Philip McGraw who through his book entitled; Self Matters covers all the aspects regarding self-esteem explosively and in depth.
McGraw is a renowned psychologist that has many books to his name where he is always determined to pass on various messages to his audience. In Self Matters, he concentrates on bringing up the lessons that help individuals to understand and appreciate their worth quite easily. The book is in line with the learning activities covered in class during the entire course. The six points that are going to be looked at include power, conflict style, sexuality, who is the best, attention, and peer acceptance.
Self Matters is centered about helping people to gain skills that shall necessitate them to appreciate themselves and live fulfilling lives than never before. McGraw urges people to understand the meaning of life and their purpose of being alive as a mechanism that shall allow them to become better persons. The self-determination trait is going to help people to unlock their potential and realize how they need to shape their lives to their expectations. He urges people to have clear goals in life by designing ‘maps’ that shall help them to identify and stick on their strategy tactics in life. He also argues that life is a journey that people have to embark on by first of all determining where they need to go and how they anticipate getting there. He urges people to ask themselves three fundamental questions regarding the most defining moments in their lives and the seven most critical choices they have made to get to where they are today. The third question inquires about the five most crucial people in an individual’s live and their contribution in helping a person in question to become better.
The book is organized into numerous chapters where the author wanted to help the readers to understand the subject matter being put forward. The most critical chapters are chapter five, six, seven, and eight, which firm the basisis of the entire book. Chapteer five is concerned with issues pertaining seven critical choices in the life of an individual. McGraw (124) argues that one’s’ life at have to be made each day. People are expected to make decisions both for themselves and the people around them. He argues that people have to reflet on the previous choices that they have made in life to see their consequences. Such a reflection helps people to make better choices in future that tend to benefit them together with others. Chapter nine of Self Matters dwells on the prospect of labels where McGraw (210) argues that labels are incredibly powerful influences in peoples’ lives. These labels are significant in the lives of indivuals since that are always at the core of human fictional sense the life being lived is not real. McGraw (117) says, ‘ if you are living to an able, you have molded yourself a fictional self-conveptwith artificial boundaries. There is need for people to re-evaluate their sentiments and behaviors to avoid suffering the impact of labels.
Chapter ten ...
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