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Book Report: Hold On to Your Kids: Why Parents Need to Matter More Than Peers (Book Report Sample)

The Title can be changed to fit the book; number of source dont have to be three it can be more or less source..

A book report (Hold On to Your Kids: Why Parents Need to Matter More Than Peers)
Name: Patrick T. Smith
Course: PSYC 221-B09
Professor Name: Jane Abernathy
(February, 2013)

Gordon Neufeld and Gabor offers a book that is not only challenging and thought provoking but that makes one read, reread, reflect, and most likely debate with anyone who is ready to listen. The book is not easy to read due to its dense writing, thick research and references to Nietzsche. The authors concern message to the audience is what it takes for parents to ensure attachment, attention, and love between then and their children is mentioned as they grow (Neufeld & Mate, 2011). The need for care and providence for a child does not end at weaning or when the child starts to go to school, but rather changes and requires equal responsiveness from parents.
Gordon Neufeld a PHD holder and an international authority on child development joins hand with Gabor Mate a well recognized author to bring out this disturbing trend in our times: children today increasingly look to their peers for direction—their values, identity, and codes of behavior. This trend had undermined the responsibility of parents on children leading to family disunity, healthy problems, and a hostile and sexualized youth culture (Neufeld & Mate, 2011). It has created a cry for the youth hence they can be regard as ‘endangered species’.
The book, “Hold on to your kids” which is available in both Canadian and US editions gives different ways parents can use to regain their lost glory among their sons and daughters. They includes establishment of proper hierarchy in their homes, ensuring kids feels secure and understood, and reengineering to gain back the children loyalty and love and others (Neufeld & Mate, 2011). Through reawakening of the parent’s instincts, the book acts a source of treasure for parents to act the way nature intended and be there for their kids- being true source of contact, security and warmth.
Dr. Neufeld is not a Jew although two of his children have Jewish names, Tamara and Shay, but his theory is relevant to how children are retained within the Jewish community. It does not matter whether you agree to his fundamental theory or not but he brings out truth in the issues he raises and therefore he cannot be ignored.
His subtitle of the books is “Why Parents Need to Matter More than Peers”. According to him things have changed rapid in the world such that psychologist and educators have started appreciating abnormal behavior and regarding them as normal. He refers to these behaviors as “peer attachment.” Due some of the modern way of operating such as the baby-boom, two-parent working families, break up, mobility, pressure, and know-how, among other things the family structure we knew before have been weakened. He notes that the norms in the earlier generation on parents ability to care for their children has been compromise...
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