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Rich Dad Poor Dad (Book Report Sample)


Book 1 Readings: every student will be assigned to read two books. Also as part of the assignment the student should synthesize the book in MINIMUM two pages and the conceptual diagram of the BOOK one page. The requisites for the report should be your name and the name of the book in just one The requisites are: You must describe the book chapter by chapter and also add a conceptual diagram of the book. Single Space, Font Size 10, 1 inch margin and font Times New Roman There is a penalization of 10% for every requisite described here and not included in your paper EXAMPLE OF BOOK READING REPORT I have provided an example Book 1 is the file


Rich Dad Poor Dad
Rich dad poor dad is a novel about how one can realize monetary success in life by engaging in gainful business activities. The book focuses on channels of amassing wealth in life by being part of the business class of investors within the society as opposed to working for mere wages. The following is a synthesis of the book ‘Rich Dad Poor Dad' on a chapter-by-chapter basis. The focus of this paper however remains six specific lessons outlined in the chapters of the book.
Chapter 1: The book begins with the story of a young Robert Kiyosaki, his childhood friend, Mike and his two fathers, one who ends up a very rich man and the other poor. Both men however, stand to influence the life of the young lad largely. Even so, Kiyosaki is keen to make decisions by himself after choosing to listen to both the two men, conceptualizing, and reflecting upon possible consequences of the ideologies regarding wealth they have to offer him. Kiyosaki's poor dad is his real biological father, who is very well educated and has a stable job with the government. His rich dad on the other hand is a businessperson of great potential, but who only reached the eighth grade in school. In real sense, the rich dad is the father to his best friend, Mike.
The first lesson of the novel is that "the Rich do not work for money;- money works for them instead. The rich dad believes that people remain poor because they fail to learn this lesson. The author offers keen insight as to why people often fail in this important area of life, he blames it on ignorance, cynicism and fear among other elements. An interesting twist arises when it is stated that both fear and greed contribute to people being poor. These make people to hang about in employment for years while in real sense their employers are the ones who realize meaningful monetary gains- by letting their money work for them instead of placing first hand contribution towards creating their wealth.
Chapter 2: This chapter illustrates the significance of gaining financial literacy, a form of education acquired in the real world as opposed to formal school settings. The author boldly refutes general ideology passed down to children by their parents to acquire formal education in schools and get good and or stable jobs in the end. This establishes a unique contrast between how the rich and the middle and lower class handle money matters in their lives. In fact, Kiyosaki maintains that the middle and lower class people often mistake liabilities (like big houses and cars) with assets. He clearly asserts that assets are supposed to generate money instead of taking it away as expenses.
In the course of the chapter, the young Kiyosaki tends to have a strong inclination towards accepting the rich dad's perspectives about money and general principles of life- in regards to patience and discipline. The resultant effect is that he adapts a strong desire to make money at a v...
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