Summer Vacation (Essay Sample)

Summer Vacation

After a long period of time spent working or studying, one would certainly be tempted to fantasize about a wonderful summer vacation to erase all the routine, stress, and frustration related to the workplace. We all need a vacation time to escape the hustle and bustle of everyday life demands. We need to wake up late without having to set the alarm, as we like to give ourselves treats every now and then. But, sometimes we like to go on vacation, yet we can’t, for various reasons. This essay is going to give you a better perspective on vacation matters. In that, it is going to show you how you can save money for a vacation, which destination to choose, and what to do during your holidays.

Of course, there is no doubt that to go on vacation you need money. Many people say that they cannot go on vacation because they do not have a job to save money. Actually, that could be partially true. Yet, to be honest, saving money for vacation cannot only be done through the money you get from a job. If you are a student and you get some pocket money from your parents, you still can set aside some of that amount. You can simply do that by wise management of your spendings, keeping in mind always your purpose, which is a vacation.

Using some means of money storing is a great idea. For example, you might want to use a money box, a piggy bank, a jar or any other container in which you can save as much money as you want, depending on your goals. Vacation needs a long-term saving plan, so you should consider planning how much money you would like to save for that objective. Whatever the source of money is, whether a job, scholarship, pocket money, or lottery, you can always set aside a respected amount of money to fulfill your aim. In order to keep yourself motivated to save, you should set a goal and stick to it in order to increase your savings. Goal-setting is the number one factor that brings your idea to life. Hence, a jar on which you put a picture from the internet of your next destination would definitely encourage you to enthusiastically save more and more.

Your budgeting system and saving plan have to be based on the type of vacation you would like to take. That is to say, the amount of money you plan to save depends on how many days of vacation you would like to take, the desired destination, and which means you would like to use during that period. Saving money for a one-week vacation in a five-star hotel in Cuba is different from saving for a 1-week vacation in some surrounding cities where you might get hosted by a friend or a family member.

The immediate thought that comes to mind just while you are thinking about your next summer vacation could be the destination that you are interested in. Choosing a place where to spend a vacation is not something arbitrary. Actually, it depends on many variables such as budget and personal preferences; it also depends on the preferences of your partners if you are not going alone. In order to choose wisely where to spend your vacation, you should think about how much money you have and whether that amount is enough or not. You should also consider the opinions and ideas of your vacation partners.

If you still have no idea where to go, a good option would be to have a look at hotel and flight deals on the internet, and if you find a suitable deal for some city or country that you haven’t been to before, you might want to go for it. If you do not have enough time to search on the internet, you can easily subscribe to the weekly or monthly newsletters of certain websites to get the latest holiday deals.

There are also blogs and forums where people discuss how their summer vacation has gone. You might benefit from such conversations to learn about new places that are worth exploring; some places are amazing in summer, but you don’t know about them, so try to search and discover what you do not know. For instance, you might not have heard of Djerba: a magical and fantastic small island in a North African country called Tunisia. A summer vacation in such a wonderful piece of art is affordable. Sun, sand, and sea are all there for you to relish.

Now, another dilemma you might face when you are ready to go on summer vacation is how to spend your days in the specific place you are visiting. It is advisable that you plan what you will do in each day of your stay so that you avoid the question: “what will I do today?”. If you are on a 5-day holiday, you can dedicate some time for swimming, sunbathing, and surfing during the day; you should also include other activities in your vacation every day plan, such as reading and running. To put it simply, you have to wake up every day knowing already what you are going to do so that you enjoy your holiday to the fullest.

Personally, if I were to go on a five-day summer vacation, I would definitely choose North Africa as my next destination for a variety of reasons. First, in a North African country such as Tunisia, I would certainly have a good time swimming and sunbathing till late afternoon. I love to get a suntan thanks to the splendid North African sunshine and weather. Second, I will plan my stay as follows: 2 days in Sousse city, 2 days in Hammamet city, and 1 day in Kerkennah island. In all three places, what I will do every day is wake up at 7, have breakfast, then run on the beach while listening to my favorite music. After that, I would go swim and sunbathe until lunch time. In the afternoon, I would take a shower and go out to discover the historic city centers, savor Tunisian street food, and visit some museums. At night, I may also go out to explore the cities’ oriental nightlife, as I may go to some nightclubs where I can get the chance to meet new people and have a drink.

To wrap up, to take a good summer vacation, you have to save money, choose a destination, and plan your days wisely. That said, taking into consideration such three tips could guarantee that you will enjoy the vacation of a lifetime. And, be mindful that solo travel is different from group travel, so discuss your preferences and plans with your partners would make your vacation more enjoyable and pleasant.

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