Descriptive Essay about a Place (Essay Sample)

My Village

I live in Bakewell, a small village situated near Ashford. My village is surrounded by beautiful features, making one of the most attractive villages in the County. My village is densely populated with less than 1,000 people. Life in the village is simple and peaceful. My village is among the oldest, but has some special features; it is among the beautiful villages built on a ridge of the mountain, situated three hundred meters above the sea level.

You can access the village by the road that connects to the central part of the main town. The roads leading into town from my village are narrow. The main village attraction is the main town, with its unique features. The ancient shaded tree is one of the most utilized places in town. Under the shade, a stone built fountain is mounted where villagers gather every evening to drink coffee and discuss news.

The church building dominates every other building located in the main town; the church building is the village’s landmark. We have no shopping malls. Instead, we rely on individually owned shops. I love the clear air that comes from the mountain; I prefer walking to the main town while breathing the fresh morning air. Additionally, it takes only seven minutes to reach all the ends of my town. Despite its small size, I don’t feel limited; there are plenty of activities that keep us going. I actively participate in many events organized by the local district. I attended cooking competitions and cultural events hosted by the local recreation board.

Surrounded by the mountain with buildings built three hundred meters above the sea level, our village flood every year, interestingly, the geographical features still interact, villagers believe that the gods of the sea visit the village every year, causing floods. There are several trees like mango trees, a few Oleanders and other big trees including the village pond. I live in the most beautiful section of the village where you can smell flowers, and mango buds, the beautiful colors of flowers attract everyone’s attention.

The village houses are small, with no laundry room, we don’t have a clothes dryer, and we hang our clothes on racks. Each house has a front and backyard; some have beautiful gardens with some having a small courtyard. Most homes in my village don’t have driveways or a garage. Footpaths crisscross the village houses; some footpaths go as far as the other side of the mountain, passing through the many farm fields.

At times we walk on some footpaths that go right into people’s gardens and out to the other side of the road. The village climate is good; it is not so cold or so hot. On a bright morning, if you take a morning stroll along the river bank, you can see beautiful peacocks strutting on the farm fields.

Our house is among a group of four attached houses; we live on the edge of the village where farm field and woodlands can be seen from our front door. I know all my neighbors and the entire block. We have the same neighbors. Most of the neighborhood has the same families, meaning that I have many friends in my village.

People in my village have their unique way of doing things, there are certain values that are deeply rooted a forms part of the village tradition. People are polite and respectful, especially to strangers. Many professionals come from my village we have several doctors, architect, professors and business people who work in big towns, but come to the village during the holidays.

The other beautiful features of my village are the small, attractive village Inns made of old stones, and one famous bridge recently constructed by the government. With all these unique features, my village is a developed one; there are basic amenities like school, post office, a local dispensary and a market.

My village has a famous small tavern that serves the best local dishes; we have several grocery stores that sell basic foods. One of the most interesting events in my village is the monthly reading fairs where the county village truck carries loads of books to the village. The truck is loaded with books and latest publications, including some of the latest fashion magazines.

Most villagers are farmers, who produce vegetables and fruits, my village is known to be the best producers of fresh fruits supplied in other parts of the town. We produce all kinds of seasonal vegetables, and for this reason, the village host merchants who come to collect fresh fruits and vegetables. The river is one of the most helpful natural resources; during the dry season’s villagers irrigate their farms using water from this river.

Like many neighboring villages, we experience power cuts regularly, and people seem to be accustomed to it. One surprising fact is that nobody has ever raised any complaint about the situation. The village seems to be peaceful, we do not have a police station or any local court, and both are available in the neighboring village though. The nearest government building is some ten kilometers away.

Local talent doesn’t go unnoticed, every year, the village hosts several cultural events, several artists from nearby villages come to the village to showcase their talents; it is said that some of the best musicians were discovered from our village. It’s easy to stay informed about the latest events, my village has a weekly newspaper, and everyone is a reporter. If something big happens, everyone will know about it because news spread very fast.

The weekly newspaper provides a section for villagers to post lost pets and items for sale. Despite having a weekly newspaper, it takes a matter of seconds to hear any latest event like some crime or accident. I have always loved living in this small village where things seem to be peaceful. I have what I need right here in my village, I have a close-knit community, and the village is a charm.

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