Role Of Language In Communication (Essay Sample)

Role of language in Communication


During one particular holyday my parents and I visited Africa for an adventure in one week. On arrival we were welcomed warmly by the recipients who knew my dad. We spend good time visiting different places and exploring the nature in Africa. On visiting a certain clan in one country we wanted to understand their culture on initiation, it was indeed difficult since their language and ours were not compatible. Language became a barrier to us since in the entire clan; no one could at least communicate in English. I learnt language plays a crucial role in different circumstances concerning relationship and conversations. Language shapes the reality and more so limits the concepts or ideas found in a particular situation. In all circumstances in life that we engage in, reframe with or even resist, the meaning available to us is only through language that gives a better understanding. The concepts and ideas are only given a meaningful form with the use of language. Although language may not be the only tool for one to use in passage of information but it plays an important part in our lives. Communication can be of different ways since one can use any method of communication to pass the required vital information. All in all human being and even animals have a way of communicating and information always is transmitted using different mediums. This essay ‘role of communication’ seeks to describe how language has been a source of communication, a tool for passing information as well as the importance language plays.

Source of Communication

Human beings use language as the main source to communicate and pass information. Language is a very context and crucial since its entails certain aspects. One of the aspects is meaning. The meaning of different words gives a good understanding. There are different languages in the world and the words used do not give the same meaning, this gives rise to various issues but in the twentieth century the world is resourceful in language because of the common language English. Some country English language is their mother tongue and other countries have used English as the second national language. For one to communicate effectively there has to be a certain means he or she uses to communicate. Language has helped this process and has made communication easier and more so it has been widely used by different human beings as the main source in communication. Different culture uphold different language but common language has enabled various social and cultural behavior be imitated. One can learn about certain community’s culture and understand it well through common language (Collins, 2001). For instance, Australia is well known for its various cultural events, through language as the main source, one can learn and understand the culture in Australia. Every cultural event at the moment can be well understood through language since communication is like a social event (Miller, 1982). Though there might be problems encountered in the process but it is of great importance to understand a certain way of life through communication using common language. In deed English as a common language in the world and it has helped various countries communicate and understand one another easily hence peace I prevail.

Language as Tool for Communication

It has always been a fundamental discussion of how male and their counterparts female use different language styles to give feedback. Both male and female have different wavelength when it comes to communication. There are some situations when the male will use language to fulfill certain intentions as well as their counterparts female. The difference between the two genders goes far beyond socializing to involve inheritance as a basic makeup of the gender. For the males they supposedly use language in their conversations to negotiate status and to keep people from pulling and pushing one around. For the female counterparts they use language to communicate, and use their language in their conversations to initiate intimacy, attract closeness and show dominion. Furthermore, in respect to language, women mostly use polite words and few profanities also they have high pitched tone which is less forcefully given out. Some can go farther and use a certain language to converse using different nonverbal acts which show emphasis for instance nodding the head. The males on the other hand they use different language styles to converse. For instance they use it to give orders this is a way of gaining social status and feel dominant. Human beings have used language as a tool to converse and bring out different and understandable information (Benjamin, 2001)

Significance of Language in Communication

Communication process has encountered various obstacles for instance language barrier, noise and distance but majorly it has been eased by common language like English. Language has helped in business management. Information can be conveyed using different modes but in a common language and is easily understood hence making management of business to be easy. From the manager to the workers, decision, directions or orders can be well undertaken by use of language that is common and easily understood by all. Language unites different people from different backgrounds though interaction and the space created by it. One can interact and exchange ideas and knowledge in an easy manner though communicating in a common language. Language has enabled learning to be easy in one’s career. People have learnt in different schools but they have a common understanding through language. At the moment you can learn in any university of the world since they means of communication used is though language. The most common language used is English and it has helped students pursue different courses in different countries. Significance is that it has provided a platform for people to create friendship. People have become closes due to the available technology through social Medias. One can now converse with a person in Africa and become friends because of common language. However, as earlier stated, language has also been a great barrier for effective communication but it is right to say it has played a vital role in business, schools, and nations and in uniting people through the common language available


In conclusion, human beings have been granted chance to live. We all came into existence and we have been unified by communication and understanding. It is language that has played key role in influencing unity and understanding. In the world today one can converse easily through certain language. All this achievements that language has seen, is through an understanding conversations. Language has been used as a source of communication, tool for conversing and helped in creating better understanding and it is correct to say it has played a vital role in communication.


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