Friendship (Essay Sample)



When I was born, my parents had shifted from the outskirts of town and managed to secure a house in the midst of town. This was a drastic change since my father was given a post in a certain company. I grew up in town center and had few friends who were very close to me. We used to play and school together. As time went by ken my best friend shifted to another town. We did not lose contact and we visited each other during holyday seasons. Till now we are still friends. All events in life give the meaning of friendship, since friendship is a divine relationship or feeling between two individual friends. It is not just an ordinary, official, or social affair but it goes beyond to involve action, trust, care and maintenance. People from different backgrounds meet and build relationship and sometimes falls, but the affair In between the two that involves support and care always gives rise to a strong friendship. If I and ken never build our friendship through action and care it would not have lasted. There are several aspects in relationship that need to be considered first before one notices that he or she has a strong friendship with his close friends. Friendship is built, maintained and give significant positive results for one to consider the value of being in a good friendship.

Forming and Maintaining Friendship

In most people nowadays it has become easy to form friends. Friendship comes just naturally as a perfect light (Gould, 2014). Incase one makes a change, one encounters different people of whom one might be a good friend. Work may make us meet colleges and form a good mutual friendship.  At school students make lots of friends and even at home people meet and friendship builds up. The issue is not about forming any relationship with others but goes beyond to include maintaining. Maintaining these friendships require three aspects: These aspects are honesty, love and respect. If any of this lacks meaning in a relationship, the friendship disintegrates slowly by slowly. For a true friendship to work all this must be packaged as a whole in one’s heart and mind. Love is overall of all. Love comes naturally after a series of positive actions seen in the relationship. Love does not give conditions, no matter the circumstance one needs to be there for one another. In times of difficulty, through thick, through hard situations one needs to always love in order for the relationship to be maintained. Love goes beyond to tie with respect which is the most important thing. Respect in a well-established friendship is earned and not given. Friends show respect with the way they care and handles another. However, respect goes beyond to give a significant space between the two individuals such that one can back off in case he or she has found himself crossing that space. Agreeing or disagreeing respectfully makes a relationship to be well maintained. However, it is the responsibility of every individual to show respect towards each other’s opinion. More so when the two friends love and respect one another, trust finds its way in and this is where honesty is build up. Honesty is a simple thing that, if friends miss it, their friendship breaks. Honesty and respect simply makes someone to be oneself before extending to others (Emerson, 1814). Honesty is the center point of the two since you can love and respect each other but when there are secrets between the two of you, it automatically breaks. Honesty makes sure that all parties trust and love each other. If one is honest there are things one will reveal after loving and respecting. This will give room to freedom of talk as every party has given in their secrets and are not talking behind the backs of each other. Friendship should be true like conjecture (Ott, 2006).

Value of Friendship

One vital thing about the value of friendship is companionship. It does not matter whether you are going for shopping, interacting with relatives or even hanging out with friends of different class, everyone needs a person or a close friend that you spend your time with. Even if one is not interested with one’s time but even texting, emailing, and conversing through the phone brings in companionship. For instance one can rely on friends to boost their motives and spirit in case one is bored. Friends can bring laughter joy and peace for one another. As a result of good friendship companionship continues to grow and every encounter gives meaning to the true friendship.

Importance of Friendship

A good and a well-established friendship have made people to help each other with no condition. Good friends have always emerged in time of difficulty and have frequently given support to one another. Human beings have always lacked something in which another person has. It is right to say man needs help at any point of his life. When one is in need, strong support is always shown by friends who emerge and offer a hand of support. By this all the parties involved are equal and mutually benefiting. Friends usually rely on one another and this must be equally given back. Friendship is not a one way road but a two way road. For the two to mutually agree, they need to reciprocate their love, respect, trust, and care. Friendship guides and leads one in a good road. Good friends will always lead a good and significant path.  Nowadays people end up with certain behaviors because of friends. Some imitate, some are faced by circumstance but at the end the results always have negative impact. People will always make friends for various reasons; are it spiritual reasons, academics, work, or any other thing but after all the kind of friends one chooses influence the behavior pattern. Good friends influence good behavior and one needs to associate with such people.


Friendship is a heavenly given thing. Life is granted to us and we need to appreciate one another by influencing good behavior. Indeed one can call life as colorless without friends. Friends are of benefits but only if; one is associated, with the right friends. Though it is hard to maintain relationship but it is regarded as a treasure and one needs to take good care of their relationships as they engage and interact with individuals. Some may take advantage of good friendship but it is good when both parties enjoy the fruits of well-established relationship. Friends will be there in hard times and will give a hand to aid but more so give companionship.


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