Personal Strength (Essay Sample)

Personal Strength


Being able to realize the potential and capabilities one has is indeed hard. My close friend James decided to take medicine as a course simply because his parents wanted him to be a doctor. In school he struggled in understanding and learning different concepts about medicine. However, the medicine school offered the co-curriculum activities in which James actively participated. He majorly dwelt on football and gave out his best in the field as made various scores for the team. Three years later he was chosen in a national team which saw him play to become and international footballer.  James believed and gave effort to his playing that gave him the reward. It is hard for one to know the capabilities, strengths, talent and what one is able to do. Whether it is one’ positive abilities and skills that make one achieve goals or negative areas that require practice and improvement, all in all it makes us better and satisfied individuals. One knowing his or her potentials makes one to recognize and overcome the weaknesses. Some people’s strengths is found on the ability to write down a plan that sees one recognize and arrange the important things to the least important according to his or her own abilities. Furthermore knowing one’s abilities makes him create a plan of how to deal with the weakness and being able to tie the loose end with an effort. My top most strength lies in my responsibility, belief, completion, and relater.


A person that possesses a strong belief in him always has a core vital values that are so enduring. However this value may differ with one another but personally one has to be altruistic, spiritually upright, family oriented, high ethic and value responsibility individually and also extend it to others. These core values give personal satisfaction and also influence one’s behavior pattern. Furthermore one has to note that success is not all about having lots of cash but fulfilling personal desires and maximizing personal potentials. Strong belief in one self provides him with right direction, and guides one through the trials that may come on the way of life and gives him a consistent potential. The consistency in one’s life is the base and foundation that help in making and maintaining friendship. Some say one’s belief makes him stand firm in his own way. By these affirmative better relationships are created and balanced through consistency. Moreover, consistency makes one never to lose focus in his potentials. Spiritually upright people have always stood firm with their beliefs and most of the believers have fulfilled their desires by having strong beliefs. Personal strength is realized in one’s belief. Believing in ones abilities and skills makes him archive big in life.


Responsibilities enable one to be accountable in every action taken in life. It brings a psychological sense of ownership and being accounted in anything one does, whether a big or small issue. Responsibilities carry emotional feelings that haunt one in case one has messed up or did not fulfill his purpose. One’s name can be made through responsibilities he or she has. If for some reasons one does not fulfill the responsibility given a sense of guilty comes and haunts one’s ability. Personal strength is realized through responsibilities. Different goals are achieved by potential and responsibilities in life (Rath, 2007). If in any case one is irresponsible for his or her personal strengths is totally affected. Losing focus paves way for weakness and when weakness comes in, it is indeed difficult for one to regain his potentials because weakness affects psychology, and diminishes the ability to continue with strategies laid down for success. I love being responsible and always strive not to lose focus in life


In the world today competition is rooted and has provided some an extra advantage in their personal strengths. Some people feel their achievements as hollow when they do their best and achieve goals but not outshine their fellow competitors. No matter how hard they have given into their effort the results makes one to feel his or her achievement is hollow. Like in all competition one needs the presence of other people; one can compete and compare performance. If one competes and wins his goals and efforts are rewarded.  No matter what the reward is but the feeling of outshines the rest and emerging victorious makes one to keep on pushing harder and harder. Measuring potentials facilitates comparison and hence one can realize his or her personal strength through competition. Competition provides platform to realize potentials since participants have to compete in order to succeed. One does not compete for the fun of competing but winning with confidence is real success (Chamorro, 2013)


This relater gives a description of attitude in relationship with close people and competitors. It simply means one can be able to avoid being shy from the people he already know or the strangers. In fact sometimes having this attitude makes one to even turn strangers to friends due to the environment one provides in creating a good relationship. All this actions and potentials are driven by the fact that people mostly have good strength when they are close to the people they know. One has more comfort with intimacy since initial connection in relationship deepens to encourage one’s personal strength. The relationship enables one to understand the goals and aims, fears, and dreams of each other. This makes one’s strength to grow since he or she can learn how one handles different issues and it also adds up to your strength. Good relationship enables one to create an environment of helping one another. Through this one’s weakness might be another person’s strength and with close relationship, one can improve on his abilities and work extremely hard in trying to deal with the weakness. Since truth brings light, one needs to fight for that light in relationship (O’Malley, 2015).


We were all created with different abilities and strength. These strengths differ with the circumstance one is in. n a good competitive environment and strong belief plus being responsible makes one build up his or her strengths. Ability, skills and talents are achieved when one takes a good look of how one believes, relate or associate with each other. For one to succeed in his ambitions and laid goals, one needs to be confident and have strong beliefs in his actions. However there are several weaknesses that one might have but one should never lose focus on his or her personal strength


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