George Washington (Essay Sample)

George Washington

George Washington was the United States’ first head of state who served Americans from the year 1789- 1797. Washington was one of the ‘Founding Fathers’ of the U.S. He was appointed as a chief officer of the Continental Army in the course of the American struggle for independence. George Washington was born in a prosperous family which owned tobacco farms and slaves which he later possessed. Washington was the firstborn of his parents Augustine Washington and Mary Ball Washington. In his youth, he was nominated as the senior captain of the colonial militia in the first stages of Indian and French War. Moreover, during the Second Continental Congress in 1755, George Washington was appointed as the commander in chief, and in that command, he helped to drive out the British from Boston. Accordingly, the paper discusses the early life of George Washington including his surveyor career. The paper likewise discusses his political life.

George Washington’s Early Life

According to the Julian calendar, George Washington was born in Westmoreland County, Virginia, U.S on February 11 in 1731. However, in 1752, after the Gregorian calendar was approved by the British Empire, George Washington’s birth date was changed to February 22, 1732. However, in his childhood, Washington spent much of his life on a Ferry Farm, an estate that was in Fredericksburg, Virginia. However, his father died in April 1743 when Washington was at the age of 11, and therefore, his step-brother Lawrence took over as the surrogate father and also as Washington’s mentor. His father’s death prevented him from attending school at Appleby School, England, although he is believed to have received teachings from private tutors and also from an institution run by an Anglican clergyman in Fredericksburg. Washington excelled in mathematics and also learned about basics of surveying but he did not learn any Greek or Latin and other foreign languages like other gentlemen’s sons. However, his formal education concluded when he was the age of 15.

George Washington traveled to Barbados in 1751 with his step-brother Lawrence whose condition was not well. He was suffering from tuberculosis. They had high expectations that relocating to a warmer climate would help him recover. Lawrence was very educated and he was Washington’s mentor, his condition failed to improve and he died in 1952 and George Washington inherited his estate, Mount Vernon which was near Alexandria, Virginia.

George Washington as a Surveyor

George Washington surveillance career began at an early age when he learned surveyor basic in school. However, his first experiences started in 1748 when he was invited by George Fairfax in a survey organization in Belvoir. Fairfax had structured a professional surveying organization to expend tracks of land in the western Virginia border, and this is where Washington got his invaluable experience of surveillance. At the age of 17, George Washington started his professional surveyor career in the College of William $Mary and he got his commission and surveyor’s license. He continued working as a surveyor for four years in Ohio Company, Western Virginia. By 1752, George Washington had completed nearly 200 surveys on various properties and continued with his career until in late 1799. His experience made him more prominent and ignited his interest in the western land holdings. George Washington worked hard and bought more lands where he expanded Mount Vernon estate from 2000 acres to 8000 acres of land (Allen, 2008). Then, he grew different crops that include bred mules, wheat, and corn and also retained fruit orchards.

George Washington Political Life

By 1960s, George Washington was concerned by the effects of the raised taxes by British on American colonists. He, therefore, felt that it was the right time for the Americans to claim their independence. Although he was irritated by the British Proclamation Act of 1963 to prohibit settlement outside Alleghenies, George Washington did not take part in leading the colonial battle until during the widespread demonstration of Townshend Acts in 1767. In 1769, Washington presented resolutions to the House of Burgesses which asked the people of Virginia to boycott all British products. George Washington, therefore, served as the First Continental Congress delegate in Philadelphia in 1774. He then held a meeting where Fairfax resolves were implemented calling to convey the Continental Congress and use armed force against the British. However, a year later, the Second Continental Congress was conveyed and the American War for independence began. Washington was hence appointed as the chief officer of the Continental Army. During this period, George Washington was a better leader than being a military policy maker. However, his mission was to keep struggling and to keep his troops together. Through Washington’s leadership, the American colonial forces won several battles, and in 1781, together with French, the Continental forces conquered the British army and this activity effectively ended the American Revolutionary War. Following this, George Washington was acknowledged as the national hero.

However, George Washington felt that he was done with the command obligation after a peace treaty was endorsed between the United States and Great Britain in 1783. Washington went back to Mount Vernon to resume on his farming and his family. In 1787, he was called in Philadelphia to attend a Constitutional Convention meeting because his impressive leadership convinced members that Washington was fit to be the nation’s president. Although he did not want to engage in leadership again, the public demand was so high and therefore he gave in. The first American presidential election was carried out on January 7, 1789, where George Washington acquired the highest votes. The second aspirant, John Adams who held the second position became America’s first vice president. On April 30, 1789, George Washington was sworn in and become the first American president. During this period, the United States was not a big nation, it only consisted 11 states with nearly 4 million citizens. This made it easy for the new president to carry out foreign and domestic affairs. Moreover, George Washington’s leadership determined how the future presidents in the U.S were expected to carry out their leadership. He set a good example of prudence, fairness, and integrity and also maintained cordial connections with foreign nations. Washington appointed the first U.S chief justice John Jay, also structured his presidential cabinet and signed up a bill that developed the first national bank. George Washington served the U.S for two terms and then returned to Mount Vernon to continue farming. Washington died on December 14, 1799, following a severe throat infection. He died at the age of 67.


George Washington was the United States first elected president who left one of the most acknowledged legacies in the history of the U.S. The American citizen consider Washington as the ‘Father of His Country’ who dedicated to serving his people. Moreover, George Washington is considered as the man of great integrity and a patriot who helped to liberate the United States. He was also a great leader who chose to save the republic.

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