Importance Of Education (Essay Sample)

Importance of Education


The world today is full of educated people, in the past one was to learn by the way the society runs. Children used to be taught by elders, there were no classrooms or trained teachers who could sit and teach. At that time scientist for instance Albert Einstein was in his research concerning scientific matters. Many people used to learn through the society and they imitated what the society upholds as their culture. The world today has seen various people coming up with different inventions, engineers building large story buildings, medics finding possible cure to various diseases. All this achievements is by the power of education. Imagine there is no power in the world, no vehicles, no computers, no new technology; many people in the world could not have managed the situations given the importance of these necessities. Through education we are able to understand the scientific aspect of life and able to do various things by the power of mind. Education has enabled passage of good attitude, moral behavior, and has focused on values which makes us live with better understanding. In life one can be able to live without education, but knowledge can be easily obtained through education. Uneducated person cannot read and write, this means all the information and knowledge gained through reading books, one cannot be able to acquire. Therefore, education enables us to clearly gain knowledge that enables us to fit in the society as well as ensuring the society develops economically, socially and prosper. This means educations has played an important role in our life and in our world: one gaining knowledge, bolsters confidence, development in career, makes better citizens, attitude reforming, deals with inequality, reduce incidences of poverty, and helps the country in economic growth.

One Gains Knowledge

We can be able to get the world’s information and knowledge through education (Sharkya, 2013); information in the world today is shared through education. One gets knowledgeable in the things running in the world. This creates a better understanding of how the world is. It has opened minds of people to learn and understand what is happening over the boundaries through media and technology. Without education, reading and understanding different languages or culture would be difficult. An educated man has good behavior to view and learn about different things of importance (Zaky, 2009)

Boosts Confidence

Our confidence is boosted through education. One is confident enough in anything since he or she views her positive outlook and is encouraged to walk freely since one believes in oneself. Self-belief is one of the behavior traits people admired to have. Different potentials are realized through education and one builds self-belief that helps one to rely one oneself, makes one posses strong belief in him or herself. Engaging in talks and discussions would be difficult for one since the confidence to speak and share opinions on would be difficult.

Developments in Career

One can achieve desired goals in life through education. The desire to become a doctor or engineer can be achieved through education. Dreams come to reality when one peruse a dream course which enables him or her be employed in the field one’s desire. Educations open the way for career opportunity and fetches different skills into the field of new work. Highly educated people get better jobs and earn good cash. Professors earn good cash because they have managed to preserver at heart and endure the system in education and their efforts has seen them get good job and earn good cash. Education is both by mind and heart.(Hargadon, 2017)

Education Makes One a Better Citizen

Education makes worthy citizen and contributes to the country development and democracy (Tayark, 1997). We get to know and understand our culture very well since education imparts right moral values. These morals enable one to fit in society since better citizens are as a result of good behavior and potential contributors in development without forgetting obedience to the law. One can understand the duties the country needs one to perform through education and is encouraged to follow them to the latter not creating interference with the law. The fact is that education makes one a better person.

Attitude Reforming

People have different attitudes, especially children posse’s attitudes that education has seen them change and become good persons in future. Children can have negative attitude, disbelief, prejudice, hatred, jealousy or disobedience. These behaviors can be reformed and shaped to the right pattern by education. Those with negative attitude can change their attitude to positive, those unload be loyal, those disobedient have an understanding of obedience. Reformation begins with the mind and ends with positive action.

Helps Eliminate Poverty

Education gives one the ability to become what one wants and succeed to become wealthy. Poverty can be eradicated by education. With enough knowledge concerning life, one may become a doctor, entrepreneur, engineer, teacher, professor and so on; the ability to make good cash lies in the mind. Through education, our minds are shaped to suit the world and trends in. doctors are not poor because they work and take home good amount of money same to other professions. It is with this ability to make good cash by working that has seen various people avoid being poor.

Economy Growth

Counties become well developed economically through educated workers who put their effort in work in order to produce good services. Educated workers and civil servants make use of their knowledge and are able to improve the economic growth though good products produced. Managing certain things during production is easy since educated workers are able to take task and receive instructions during production. Better educated workers tend to produce a good and better work compared to the less educated ones. This difference comes in through education. Those well educated in certain field of production to do well during production because of the knowledge obtained from schools or different institution, due to these difference many countries have put their emphasis on managing the education system that will enable produce quality work during production. Education is a vital tool since most employees prefer educated skilled worker (Pearson, 2017)


Human beings have come to existence and we have been united through education. It does not matter where one comes from but what matters is the ability to gain knowledge in order to fit in the society. Education has helped various beings in various aspects of life. Through education people have become civilized and knowledgeable. Although education may not be necessarily the key to success but it plays an important part in defining human beings, and enabling them clinch to the top of desire to become successful.


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