Freedom of Speech (Essay Sample)

Freedom of Speech

What are the most important factors about speech which make it elevated to the point that there is the universal freedom of speech? Speech is the most apparent form of human communication. While there are other forms of commutations, speech is the most effective one. Unlike other types, especially nonverbal communications which can be easily misinterpreted, passing the wrong message through speech becomes substantially impossible. Further, speech is an essential point of connection as it is done consciously. As a result, it is possible and right to hold someone responsible for the communication that they make though speech. Due to the important aspects of speech, therefore, this essay explains the freedom of speech, its importance, and limitations.

Freedom of speech is an international right that is enjoyed by persons from all parts of the world. In essences, it forms part of the international human rights. Freedom of speech refers to the factor that everyone is accorded the freedom to freely express their opinions and ideas openly without facing any form of intimidations and risks from the society. The privilege falls under the freedom of expression, which is represented in the Universal Declaration of Human Rights under article 19. Additionally, freedom is also recognized in the International Covenant on Civil and Political Rights, and the International Human Rights Law. Other bodies and organizations that recognize, uphold and advocate the freedom of speech include the European Convention of Human Rights, under article 10, The American Convention on Human Rights, under its article 13, and finally the article 9 of the African Charter on Human and People’s Rights. Based on the significant number of international bodies that advocate for the principle of free speech, it is evident that the freedom is held with utmost interest.

Essentially, most countries, especially democracies, respect and uphold freedom as a human right. However, there are still some counties that are struggling to enforce the liberty. In some countries, there are some individuals, especially women and children who are not fully allowed to express themselves. Additionally, there are some cultures that suppress women to the extent that they are not aware of their freedom of expression. Freedom of speech provides that people with the right to seek information and ideas from the sources in which they are interested to receive information and ideas that are sent to them and also to offer information and ideas that they regard necessary. In passing the information, the speech does not have to be oral; instead, it can be in other forms including written. In countries where the freedom of speech is upended, it is typically presented in the constitutions of the specific states and the citizens of the nation made aware of through education and sensitizations through different platforms and Medias.

The freedom of speech is considered as a right that is equal to everyone and cannot be denied to person. Everyone is given the right to air out their views and opinions responsibly. The importance of having a unified amount of the freedom of speech is that it provides an equal platform for equality in the society. All individuals are considered equal and given the same amount of opportunity to air out their opinions in the fields that affect them. By this, junior individuals are not intimidated by their seniors in different organizations. Additionally, having freedom of speech is essential as it helps in pointing out various forms of harassments that junior officials may be subjected to by their seniors. Consequently, it fosters harmonious coexistence within different organizations. As opposed to the instances where speech could be limited, having the freedom of speech is therefore crucial in the prevention of vices that could be faced by different groups of people, including junior employees and vulnerable individuals in the course of going about their routines.

Freedom of speech also becomes an essential aspect in the political arena. People are bound to differ with regards to political opinions. In countries where the freedom of speech is not guaranteed, individuals with opposed political ideologies are not allowed the opportunity to air their political views. Additionally, in such countries even if the government rules unfairly, citizens are not allowed to point out the mistakes of the state. In instances where freedom of speech is guaranteed, however, the individuals are allowed to participate in the politics of the country. Citizens have the right to air their opinions whenever they feel that the government is not performing as expected. Also, during the electioneering period, individuals who are interested in the governance positions are allowed to formulate their policies and ideologies and convince people to vote for them. The importance of the freedom of speech in the political arena is that the citizens are in the position of pointing out the mistakes committed by the governments and hold their governments accountable. As a result, the country experiences increased growth and development.

As much as the freedom of speech is an important aspect and different international bodies have endorsed the principles, there are specific instances where individuals have abused the freedom. When individuals are being sensitized regarding their freedom of speech, they are made aware that as much as the freedom of speech is part of their rights, there are rules that come with it. As much as people are allowed to express themselves the right becomes limited in the event that the individual decides to use the right for unlawful activities, for instance, in the event that the person chooses to incite others. This usually occurs within organizations and political arenas. Additionally, in the example that the person decides to use the right to intimidate others and cause them harm, the freedom again is limited. For instance, a person is not allowed to use the freedom of speech to slander others, or reveal personal information regarding other people. Individuals that are working for some organizations are also not allowed to disclose the confidential information regarding the agencies as it may put the origination in a vulnerable position by revealing secrets to the competitors. Similarly, employees of national organizations are also not allowed to reveal the secrets of the country at any time as the information might get to the enemies who may take advantage and cause destruction to the state.

The principle of freedom of speech is a principle that is not unique to specific regions; instead, it is a universal principle. The factor of how important the law is denoted by the fact that it is recognized and represented in many world organizations and statutes, including the international bill of human rights. From its representation, it is clear at it was meant to improve the quality of life by promoting equity and checking the government thus promoting development. Limitations, which include withdrawing the freedom of speech to some individuals, are however enforced for the sake of protecting other persons, in addition to creating law and order.

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