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In Appropriate Nurse Staffing (Article Sample)


2) Complete the Synthesis Table for the evidence and variables for the guideline. 
THIS IS our topic: inappropriate nurse staffing in the hospital settings. 
Welton, J., (September 30, 2007) “Mandatory Hospital Nurse to Patient Staffing Ratios: 
Time to Take a Different Approach "OJIN: The Online Journal of Issues in Nursing.
Vol. 12 No. 3, Manuscript 1.
Needleman, J., Buerhaus, P., Mattke, S., Stewart, M., & Zelevinsky, K. (2009) Nurse-staffing 
levels and the quality of care in hospitals. New England Journal of Medicine, 346, 1715- 
Department of Professional Employee. (2011). Safe-Staffing Ratios: Benefiting Nurses and 
Patients. Retrieved from http://dpeaflcio(dot)org/wp-content/uploads/Safe-Staffing-Ratios- 
ANA. (2012). What Is Safe Nurse Staffing? Retrieved from 
AHRG. (2007). Hospital Nurse Staffing and Quality of Care. Research in Action, Issue 14 
Retrieved from http://www(dot)ahrq(dot)gov/research/nursestaffing/nursestaff.htm
American Nurses Association. (2010). Nursing’s social policy statement (3rd ed.). Washington,
Buerhaus, P. I., Buerhaus, P. I., Staiger, D. O., & Auerbach, D. I. (2008). The future of the
nursing workforce in the United States: Data, trends and implications. Sudbury, MA: 
Jones & Bartlett . 
Somers, M. J., Finch, L., & Birnbaum, D. (2010). Marketing nursing as a profession: Integrated
marketing strategies to address the nursing shortage. Health Marketing Quarterly, 27, 3,
Wright, P. D., & Bretthauer, K. M. (2010). Strategies for addressing the nursing shortage:
Coordinated decision-making and workforce flexibility. Decision Sciences, 41, 373-401.
Collaborative Learning Community: EBP Literature Search/Appraisal of Evidence
1) Use Figure 2.1, Evidence hierarchy pyramid, in the textbook as your guide for the levels of evidence in your reference list. 
Locate case studies, relevant clinical articles written by experts, research articles,, evidence based guidelines and protocols and theory that may guide the identification of appropriate solutions. This can include the articles reviewed from topic 3. Note, not all
2) theories will have research that allows them to have a level assigned to them. This does not mean they are not good theories. 
3) Appraise the evidence using the guidelines provided on pages 37-40 in the textbook.
a. Use these guidelines to discard references that are untrustworthy or irrelevant. 
b. Use Box 2.2 to help with this decision-making process. 
4) Use the following to organize the evidence by commonalities and/or contrary findings: 
a. Chapter 5 in the textbook provides information regarding how to synthesize the article findings. 
b. Use the EBP Project Evaluation tool located in resources to consolidate and present the findings
5) Record all communication in the CLC Forum.
This is the text book i am using below. 
Polit, D. F., & Beck, C. T. (2012). Nursing research: Generating and assessing evidence for nursing practice (9th ed.). Philadelphia, PA: Lippincott Williams & Wilkins.


In Appropriate Nurse Staffing
Student Name;
Introduction; There is a common problem in most hospitals especially government hospitals. A lot of accusations become issued upon most Hospitals for their poor quality services. Hence by this having, a destitute record in the Health sector worldwide.
There is a problem with the patient to nurse ratio almost worldwide, when there is abundance or increment of patients, and the number of the Nurses is small it becomes an enormous problem. There is a lot of workload on the shoulders on the Nurses since this increases the pressure on the nurses in return this affects the patient. Thus, it is advised to increase the number of nurses to prevent this burden.
After Nurses lost their independence due to the increased number of unpaid students' schools, they sadly become absorbed as employees in the hospitals. Due to the advanced level of technology nowadays in areas like surgery, types of drugs etc., it increases the burden on the nurses since they have to intertwine with the current trends.
The introduction of managed care, that leads to outpatient care settings that in turn result in burdening of nurses. When there is the lack of appropriate nurse staffing patient complications can lead to the economic failure of a Ho...
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