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ADHD (Article Sample)

JOURNAL ARTICLE REVIEW INSTRUCTIONS . Your Journal Article Reviews should involve critiquing and reviewing selected articles on specific topics. Each review should be 1-page, double-spaced and written following proper APA formatting. Be sure not to use first person. You may choose an article from one of the professional journals of special education listed below:  American Annals of the Deaf  American Journal on Mental Retardation  Behavior Disorders  Beyond Behavior  Clearing House  Diagnositique  Education and Training in Mental Retardation/Developmental Disabilities  Exceptional Children  Exceptional Parent  Focus on Exceptional Children  Gifted Child Quarterly  Journal for the Education of Gifted  Journal of Learning Disabilities  Journal of Special Education  Language and Speech  Physical Therapy  Remedial and Special Education Each article you choose must be current and written within the last five years, and related to students with special needs. When composing your reviews, practice using graduate professional writing by utilizing a professional writing style. Do not begin "This article is about...," open the review with a strong thesis statement and summarize the author's main points in the first paragraph. Using third person, state your personal reaction to the article in the final paragraph (“This author agrees/disagrees…” or "one can see that..."). Journal Article Review 3: Remember that your Journal Article Review must deal with the topic of ADHD or E/BD (i.e., the category of SED or ED in education). I will try to review my feedback on Review 2 on Friday (which is later this week because of the holiday); so please review that feedback before submitting review 3 source..
Exceptional Children Student’s Name Professor’s Name Course Name 28 November 2011 Article Review Bradley, R., Danielson, L. and Doolittle, J. (2005). Responsiveness to Intervention: Journal of Learning Disabilities, 38(6), 485–486. Early and accurate identification of children with disabilities is a very vital step into intervention. Many researchers, advocacy groups, educators, professional organizations, and other stakeholders have launched a joint group known as Learning Disability Initiative which was geared towards identifying and implementing appropriate procedures for the identification of special learning disabilities (Bradley, Danielson, & Doolite, 2005). Initially, many groups have relied on discrepancy approach to establish whether special education services are eligible. As a result, many students with special learning disabilities have experienced multiple years of failure. It is in this course that Learning...
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