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Managerial Approaches and Leadership Styles (Article Sample)

Topic of assignment: What types of managerial approaches and leadership styles are needed to be employed by an educational leader/manager in motivating his or her staff towards the achievement of organisational goals? undertake a critical evaluation of how your response will work in practice. Assignment criteria: Your response should be incorporated in a critical paper of 1350-1500 word in A4 paper with double spacing, standard margins and page numbered. The paper should be prepared similar to an article in one of the journals in educational administration(recommended for this subject), starting with an"introduction" by focussing on the paper, followed by discussion under a logical sequence of sub-headings, and ending with a "conclusion". You are advised to use either Harvard or APA referencing style accurately and consistently in your paper. P1. Indicate the word count to show that the word limit has been observed. source..

Managerial Approaches and Leadership Styles that Need to be Employed by Educational Managers or Leaders in Motivating their Staff to Achieve Organisational Goals
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Motivation of the staff to achieve the set organisational goals is a challenge which is facing many educational organisations nowadays. This is because almost all of these educational organisations exist in a competitive and ever changing environment that require constant adjustments in order to continue being competitive through continuous achievement of the set organisational goals (Adams & Adams, 2009). This makes it difficult for the leaders or managers of these educational organisations to employ same managerial approach or leadership style in motivating staff in educational organisations towards achievement of the set organisational goals. Thus, this necessitates utilisation of varied types of managerial approaches and leadership styles by leaders or managers of educational organisations in order to effectively motivate their staff thereby making it possible to achieve the organisation goals (Boulter, 2010).
However, there are various managerial approaches that have been used in the past to effectively motivate staffs which is a very crucial aspect of engaging them in the process of achieving the set organisational goals (Giri & Santra, 2010). This is because appropriate managerial approaches ensure that the staffs in educational organisations have been engaged in the prioritisation of the organisation’s goals as theirs. This is further boosted by promotion of job satisfaction among the staff which is a vital aspect of improving morale among the staff. In addition, leadership style is also another aspect which greatly contributes to the motivation of the staff in educational institutions (Ayman & Korabik, 2010). Therefore, the style of leadership adopted by the leaders or managers of the educational organisations plays a crucial role in motivating of the staff towards achieving the set organisational goals. This is mainly because varied leadership styles are likely to have varied effects on the motivation of the staff. This makes it crucial to select the most appropriate leadership style which is likely to adequately motivate the staff leading to achievement of the set organisational goals (Dixon & Hart, 2010).
Managerial approaches needed to motivate staff in educational organisations
Managerial approaches are very crucial in ensuring that a favourable environment is created to ensure that there is motivation of the staff in virtually all the educational organisations. These approaches can be broadly grouped into three categories mostly involving offering conditions that are likely to boost the morale of the staff thereby making sure there is job satisfaction among the staff. However, job satisfaction always result from the mot...
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