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The Butterfly Garden: Developmentally Appropriate Practice Defined (Article Sample)


here are the links for the article. pick only one link and write me two pages of article paper. And here are on the bottom the direction too. Thanks! 
Crosser, Sandra, “The Butterfly Garden: Developmentally Appropriate Practice Defined”
Neuman, Susan and Roskos, Kathleen,” Whatever Happened to Developmentally Practice in Early Literacy?”
Sanchez Danielle Degel and Steece-Doran, Deborah, “Planning for Positive Guidance”
Swim, Terri Jo, “Theories of Child Development: Building Blocks of Developmentally Appropriate Practice”
Directions: Read 1 current article from a professional publication related to developmentally appropriate practice and write a review and application paper using the format below.

Analysis (Including specific examples of DAP for all 4 domains: physical development, cognitive (including language) development, emotional development, and social development)
Application (how will you utilize information in the article to influence your teaching practices?)
Conclusion (and any additional remarks)


Authors: Sandra Crosser, Ph.D.
Title of article: The Butterfly Garden: Developmentally Appropriate Practice Defined
Web link: /earlychildhood/article_view.aspx?ArticleID=115
Introduction and article summary
In her article, Sandra Crosser bring about the analogy of the by butterflies life and the life and development of a child relative to the environment that the two grow up in.she uses this analogy to try and explain the importance of the environment to the development of the children in light of the developmentally appropriate practices, a term coined by National Association for the Education of Young Children. According to Crosser, most of the teachers feel that they are following the right procedure in training the young children and developing their minds and body. However, that is the first indication that the teachers may be wrong and it crucial that they understand the basic elements of the DAP. She further points out that the teachers are only the guide and the children should always choose their activities. It is important that the teachers see to it that they set up the environment in the right manner to ensure that they give the children to explore and develop physically, cognitively, emotionally and socially. Where teachers set up schedules, they should consider the flexibility of these schedules to the learning process of the child that is not riddled with barriers. The physical environment should set up in manner that it offers the different children freedom to grow, as they take part in the various activities of their choice. Art work, music, clean up, physical exercises, meals, snacks and books should be left to the children where they choose their activities and get guid...
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