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The Vitality of Performing Arts in Education Research Assignment (Research Paper Sample)


I need a research paper done MLA and Double spaced on the vitality of the performing arts in school education, have attached what I have so far and would appreciate if that was included in my essay because my teacher has already read it, so you can change it a little. also, I tried to make the performing arts in which I am talking about pertaining to classes such as Choir, Drama, Public speaking or anything to the performing arts. Please try to see my writing style and if possible make this about an A- paper or B+, I know that's a crazy request... let me know. Also discuss briefly how the current education system focuses on critical thinking and efficiency which leaves the student limited in all those other areas of self.


Cedar Moore
English 223
Rebecca Barclay
The Vitality of Performing Arts in Education
Although the Arts have come under attack multiple times in the past, the problem regarding the Arts is now a question of vitality in a school education. The Arts have always been given the short stick whenever it comes to financial decisions even on a national level, causing them to be questioned as to whether they matter or if they are just mere electives that cost a pretty penny to keep around. The Performing Arts are vital in a school education as they are known to lead to advanced memory and enhanced public speaking skills, which in return could lead to career advancements and increased social skills (Crockett). If the issue is not addressed then it could lead to the Performing Arts being defunded, forgotten, and taken out of our schools. To combat this, we need to voice our support and allow and push our kids to take these classes to give them that extra boost in their education. From a parental view, don’t we all want our kids to get the best out of everything? Arts allow students to grow and to express themselves in ways that they would not usually be allowed to in other classes. Arts make us feel connected to one another and less isolated. Through arts, individuals share an emotion, and that sharing connects them with each other, and realizes they all feel the same emotions. Individuals find their identity and make it easier and more pleasurable to live.
The Skills Developed Through the Visual and Performing Arts
The visual on and performing Arts are more than role-playing or dance and song. They can impart versatile and transferable life skills that matter resulting in a well-rounded, holistic educational appearance for the students taking such subjects (Crockett). The skills include but are not limited to problem-solving, critical thinking, as well as, good listening. The Performing Arts focus not only on the physical but also on the mental and emotional aspects of a performer which can lead to personal development. The Arts, in addition, stress on the importance of human connection. This paper will talk about the skills that can be developed by the performing arts, the social and economic impact of the visual and performing arts, the funding of arts, career prospects for performers, the National Arts Index and how these can be used to guarantee the vitality of arts programs.
Participants of these arts programs have more ability to creatively express themselves. By pursuing art, any performer is encouraged to express themselves in other aspects of their lives using the creative skills they learn during performances including in professional and personal relationships and settings (Crockett). Since the arts require self-expression that is unique and personal to every performer, they get the opportunity to explore their expressive abilities. Most performers who are unable to express themselves in normal conditions have found an outlet through such means as dance, or music.
The performing arts have also been long known to boost confidence in those who participate in its various forms. The arts provide a sense of accomplishment and boost the self-esteem of the performers. Flawlessly performing that dance routine or play before your peers, tutors, and family and perhaps getting a round of applause or standing ovation can work miracles on the confidence of a performer. This can increase the dopamine levels being transmitted in the brain which causes new neurons to be formed hence making the brain more open to learning. This, therefore, can boost focus, concentration and drive and enable a performer or student to plan ahead and resist impulses so that they can achieve their goals.
Each and every single instance a student learns something new; the cells of the brain form con...

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