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Energy-drink consumption in college students and associated factors (Article Critique Sample)

Article-Critical Thinking Read the attached article and answer the following questions. ****(Please provide the answer follow by the number of the question ex;Question # 2. (Answer) Question #3. (Answer).....)*** 2.AUTHOR of article, author's qualifications and basis of authority; Was this author qualified to write on this topic? Why or why not? If no information is available, what do you think, based on the article and your critical judgment? Explain 3.BRIEF SUMMARY OF ARTICLE (THREE main points and conclusion) and HIGHLIGHT in articles. 4. VALIDITY OF INFORMATION: (Copy & Paste) a. Give specific examples of REFERENCES and evidence used to explain claims or viewpoints presented in the article. (please HIGHTLIGHT in article.) b. Is there one viewpoints/claim presented or several? c. Are there any sensational claims? 5.AUTHOR'S INFORMATION; Why was this article published (to sell something, publicize new research data, provide information or clarification, etc)? 6. EVALUATION BY OTHERS KNOWLEDGEABLE IN THE FIELD; How do you think this article would be evaluated by nutrition professionals? Explain your answer. source..
Energy-drink consumption in college students and associated factors: Article Critique
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Question #2: The Author of the article and his qualifications and authority to write on the topic
The authors of the article “Energy-Drink Consumption in College Students and Associated Factors” are Sema Attila and Banu Cakir. The article discusses the findings of a study that was conducted on college students in Hacettepe University in Ankara, Turkey. Attila and Banu are professionals in research methodology and are listed as top authors in diseases. Though their profiles are not clearly defined, the two authors of this article have authored several other articles available for public viewing. Cakir has interests in diseases, pharmacology and ophthalmology whereas Attila has more interests in Nutrition. This information certifies that the two individuals have the qualifications, the knowledge and expertise to write on this topic, based on their inclination to health and medicine matters in their careers.
The information they present in the article is very much detailed since it touches on the critical effects of energy-drinks on college students. These represent just a small percentage of the society, who might be indulged into habits that have many potential health hazards in the end. The information in the article is very insightful and maybe helpful to many niches of the students, including sports people and the youth.
Question #3: Brief Summary of the article
The article is entirely concerned with presenting the findings of the cross-sectional study that was conducted on the students of three different colleges in Hacettepe University; who pursued careers in medicine, sports and arts. The study’s focus was at pinpointing the extent to which college students and the middle-aged people were using energy drinks in an abusive manner. The study was also aimed at understanding the general habits of the youth and revealing the effects and disorders that might arise due to the use of caffeine-intoxicated drinks such as the energy drinks (Attila and Banu, 2011, p.11).
The study revealed that, in the target study group, more than 90% of the individuals who used the energy drinks did not understand clearly that the drinks posed very hazardous effects to the heart (Attila and Banu, 2011, p.11). This is a major concern to every member of the society since the study also showed that just a few of the participants in the study knew that energy-drink consumption could cause obesity. A large number of students all over the world including the participants of the study at the Hacettepe University revealed that they mix the energy drinks with alcohol to reduce the depressant effects of alcohol, and to get more energy during recreational activities. The ingredients of the drinks are little known to the people who use them thereby posing another health hazard (Attila and Banu, 2011,...
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