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Postpartum Depression Health, Medicine, Nursing Article Critique (Article Critique Sample)


Please use only the article that is upload.
This project is in two parts,
The first part is a consensus summary of the article. The full-text article is uploaded.
So you just need to put together a summary of this study, and it does not need to be APA format.
The second part is the key points from the consensus summary, and then address each of the 3 appraisal questions, which are:
1) Are the results valid/trustworthy and credible?
2) What are the results of the study?
3) Will the results help me in caring for my patients?
You do not have to reinvent the wheel here.


Postpartum Depression
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Postpartum Depression
Many women after child birth are often faced with a myriad of challenges including postpartum depression. The complexity of child birth usually results in mood and psychiatric disorders. According to Sword and others in the article “postpartum depression is any depressive disorder without psychotic features present within the first 12 months after child birth” (Sword et al., 2008). It is characterized by the new mother having a negative attitude towards the infant, partner, close family and friends. They become secluded and withdrawn to matters that appealed to them previously and therefore lose much of their social lives. Postpartum depression impairs not only social but also physical functioning leading to separation and divorce. The mothers also tend to have difficulties in attending to their infants resulting in neglect and reduced responsiveness to the infants needs on important matters such as breastfeeding (Sword et al., 2008).

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