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Review: Provide Substantive Content and Formatting Feedback (Article Critique Sample)


Please provide substantive content and formatting feedback for a two classmate’s expository essay attached (Zachary and Raymond).
You will need to read the attached draft papers. Remember that you are not being asked to be an expert on your classmate’s topic. You are being asked to act as an interested reader and respond to the draft as a reader.
You need to consider the following question: 
How can I provide quality feedback that will help my peer when he/she is making revisions?
Complete one peers review form for each draft paper (Zachary and Raymond)

Reviewiseffectiveforboththewriterandthereviewer.Dependingonthewritingassignment, adult
Readers will review class content, as well as strengthen vital writing and close reading skills. Writers will recognize that good writing communicates effectively with diverse readers.
To remember while viewing:
Note: The least helpful comment to receive from a pee reviewer is"It looks good to me."
* First attend to Higher Order Concerns: thesis, audience ,purpose, organization, development(support)
* Then attend to Lower Order Concerns: sentence structure, punctuation ,word choice, spelling
* Make comments inspirit of helpfulness. Take comments in spirit of helpfulness.

What does the writer do well in this assignment? (List one or more aspects.)Also, please write the writer's main claim or focus (thesis) according to what you have read. (It may not be the last sentence of the first paragraph-the traditional place for the thesis.)
The writer has been able to highlight the benefits of technology tools in improving accessibility and convenience of online education. Raymond's main focus is the convenience of online education where students can access learning materials via cell phones, laptops and tablets.

Ask clarifying questions

Whatpart(s) of the essay were abit confusing? Why?
In the second paragraph The writer points out that student increasingly aces learning materials using cell phones, but fails to state the extent to which this improves learning. The ...
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