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Argumentative Essay Critiques (Article Critique Sample)

For this assignment, you will critique two essays: "Defining the SAT Downward," on page 665 "Judging by the Cover," on page 666 Critique the essays using the Five Criteria of Effective Writing. In addition, include one paragraph comparing and contrasting the styles of the essays. source..
Argumentative Essay Critiques
The two essays which are subjects for critique are Judging by the Cover which talks about how a person should dress when they apply for a job and the other one is written by the editorial board of USA today. The second article talks about the College Board's new policy which enables students to retake the SAT and choose the best score to be submitted to the admitting university. Both of these two articles discusses an important topic, and they have been able to communicate their point but the main difference is that the second article was more effective than the first one.
The main critiques of the first article was that it was riddled with grammatical and typographic errors. This gives an impression of unprofessionalism. In terms of organization, the article was also lacking. The first three paragraphs could've been stripped altogether, and it would have allowed the article to have a strong introduction. Many of the sentences in the body of the paper was already mentioned in the introduction, and was no longer expounded on. This meant that the first article was unable to provide evidence of its claims and its organization may be called into question. Moreover, the focus of the article may have been mentioned in the first part of the article but the next paragraphs did not show connection with the previous ones. There were no transitional words which made it difficult to understand what the article's focus is. Ideas were not flowing and were instead, given in chunks which was a bit difficult to digest at first reading.
Meanwhile, the second article was more streamlined. It used concise words to describe the situation and these were strong words which provided additional support to the author's disdain for the Score Choice policy. The paragraphs were organized well and ideas were flowing naturally so the reader immediately gets the point of the entire article in just o...
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