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Immigrant: My Personal Experience as a Student (Essay Sample)


It's about the history immigration for America (China to USA). I'm not a immigrant but a student (From China, taking college in US), so in this essay instead of writing Chinese immigration, I will only talk about my own story. Here's the link which can show you what should the essay look like
If there needs something made up (stories), please made it up (there are two pictures, its some basic information about me), but has to pretend its written by me.

My Personal Experience as a Student
The immigration of Chinese to the United States can be traced back in the year 1849 when the Chinese was facing economic difficulties. This was after the Britain government defeated China in the battle during 1839-1842 war. The British controlled the Chinese economy thus exposing the nation to economic difficulties, hence forcing the Chinese to migrate to the United States.
My relocation to the United States marked a significant step in the history of Jinting Han’s family after the Chinese government developed reforms allowing its citizens to get a better education abroad. I was the first family member to migrate to a foreign soil and settle there. I settled there in 2013 in the hope of pursuing my education dreams. My arrival in the United States was unique in the way I quickly assimilated the American culture and was accepted in the society. I first settlednear Vermont academy in Saxton River in the United States where I joined the academy as a student.
Before moving to the new state, I conducted a research to find out the best learning institution that suits my priorities and my long-term goals. Afterwards, my parents applied for financial aid to fund my education and logistics and living costs in the new state. I then applied for an original high school transcript from my high school in order to facilitate easy admission to the new school in the United States.
In addition, I appliedfor a student visa. I was required to avail documents such as valid travel passport, non-immigrant visa application form, fee payment receipt, photo, and a certificate of eligibility for non-immigrants. After gathering all these documents, a visa interview was conducted and my visa was approved.
I relocated from the china to the United States on 10 February 2013, a flight journey which took us fourteen hours from Beijing to New York City. I came over to join Da Xiang and Sachi Xi who were close relatives studying in the country. At that time they were schooling at Vermont Academy for high school certificate.
Upon reaching the United States, the Departmen...
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