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Nursing Clinical Guidelines and Lit. review (Article Critique Sample)

Instructions: 1)Page 1: The article review attached supports the practice guideline below. Use the RCT appraisal tool attached to condense the 2 attached article reviews to no more than 1 page (1/2 page each article). 2)Page 2: Using the nursing practice guideline ( intervention) "Prevention and treatment of surgical site infection", summarize the literature from above that forms an evidence-based foundation for the intervention. Considering provider preference (capabilities) and patient preferences along with the practice guidelines state how the guideline might be used in nursing practice. 3) ALWAYS WRITE IN ACTIVE VOICE NOT PASSIVE. 4). Please do not use "it", "they" , "he" "she" and other pronouns. In addition do not use "Prove", "Proven", "Proved". Also please do not use " patients" use "subjects" instead 5). In text page numbers are needed when citing any exact numbers. 6) Use TIMES NEW ROMAN and 12pt font. No direct quotes. 7) . No less than 3 sentences per paragraph please. No more than 12 sentence per paragraph 8) Article attached for your reference source..

Nursing Clinical Guidelines and Literature Review
Nursing Clinical Guidelines and Literature Review
Both articles have used a randomized prospective trial. The questions under study have clearly focused on the population studied, the intervention given and outcomes considered. For example, in the first article, surgical site infection following colorectal cancer surgery, occurring in 300,000 to 500,000 subjects from a research done in USA each year while in article two, standard wound care for primary closed vascular surgical wounds, studied 160 subjects who received Aquacel dressing. The subjects randomly received surgical incision dressed with Aquacel Ag Hydro fiber dressing (ConvaTec) in the experimental arm. The efficacy outcome of the research is the occurrence of any SSI within 30 days after surgery.
Both articles preferred the randomized controlled trial because it compares the efficacy of different types of doses of systematic antibiotics for preventing SSIs and the influence of different preoperative skin antiseptic potential for author bias. The study`s randomization procedure was appropriate. Groups were of equal size, allowing direct comparison of the two methods studied .The randomization procedure eliminated a potential source of author bias or sample bias in the groups.
The participants appropriately were allocated to intervention and control groups in both articles. The subjects were randomly assigned with Aquacel Ag Hydro fiber meaning that chances of any biasness were minimized because the groups were properly intervened by the n...
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