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Article Critique (Article Critique Sample)

Instructions: 1. Write APA style paper, using the attached "Summary of Major Content Sections of a Research Report and Related Critical Appraisal Guidelines" . Provide for a discussion that is inclusive of all of the questions within each of the major question. 2.PLEASE PROVIDE the same HEADINGS as the ones in the attached "Summary of Major Content Sections of a Research Report and Related Critical Appraisal Guidelines" 3. I'm looking for a discussion--not just \"yes-no\" responses and no lists . 4. Do not include the questions--just provide the answers to the question in discussion format so the paper flows. 5. No more than 5 pages long (the shorter the better)--not including title page and reference page. Getting your ideas in a logical order, not being too wordy and staying on point is key. ALWAYS WRITE IN ACTIVE VOICE NOT PASSIVE. 6.INCLUDE A CONCLUSION. I want to ultimately know if this could be used this in nursing practice and why. 8. Please do not use "it", "they" , "he" "she" and other pronouns. In addition do not use "Prove", "Proven", "Proved". Also please do not use " patients" use "subjects" instead 9. In text page numbers are needed when citing any exact numbers. 10. Use TIMES NEW ROMAN and 12pt font. No direct quotes. 11) . No less than 3 sentences per paragraph please. No more than 12 sentence per paragraph source..

Background and significance of the study
The background information and the significance of the research question and hypothesis questions are appropriately presented in the introduction part. It is well introduced that the incidence of surgical site infections (SSI) ranges from 0.4% to 8% after a series of heart procedures had been carried out with an overall mean of 1.5%. It is also well stated that endocarditic and mediastinitis after a series of cardiac surgery has serious complications as it increases both short and long-term mobility and mortality rates as well the costs. It is also well stated that it has negative impacts on post operation quality of life. The aim of the study was to scrutinize the impact of the risk factors typically linked with an increased occurrence of these postoperative impediments in the setting of a consistent and randomly allocated antibiotic prophylactic plan. The hypothesis of the research is to examine the impact of risk factors associated with postoperative complications.
Research questions and hypothesis of the study
Endocarditis and mediastinitis following cardiac surgical procedures are solemn impediments which have led to an increased short term and long term mobility, mortality rates and costs. They also have a negative impact on postoperative superiority of life. Quite a lot of risk factors including preoperative, intraoperative and postoperative factors have been connected with all these complications in previous reports done on a number of subjects.
The research questions are properly stated and appropriate in expressing a relationship between an in depended and a dependent variable. The research questions included the following:
1 Is the duration of antibiotic prophylaxis regimen with the dose of cephazolin tested associated with the impacts on the incidence on postoperative organ or space infections after open heart surgical procedures?
2 What applicable measures can be applied to decrease the rate of these serious complications?
3 What preventive strategies could be applied to help reduce respiratory complications and subsequent SSI?
Literature review
The research strategy includes an appropriate and adequate number of databases and other resources in order to identify key published and unpublished research and theoretical resources. Mediasrinitis and early prosthetic endocarditic are overwhelming complications after a heart surgery with combined incidence of 0.25% to 2.5% and also the predicted mortality rate of approximately 30% after diagnosis. The definition of SSI was based on the centers for disease management and invention guidelines and the diagnosis of endocarditic was determined according to the Duke Criteria.
Sampling strategy used
The study randomly assigned antibiotic prophylactic strategy in order to examine the impac...
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