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Annotated Bibliography: How Cell Phones Changed Society? (Annotated Bibliography Sample)


For your third essay assignment you are to write a research proposal in which you briefly describe and outline your desired topic for your final essay (essay #4). You are free to choose whichever topic most interests you, so long as it is an appropriate topic for a college-level essay. A few topics that you may not write about are marijuana/drug legalization, abortion, or conspiracy theories (e.g. Sept. 11 was an inside job, Sandy Hook was a false flag attack, etc.). If you have any questions about choosing a topic, please contact me well in advance of the due date.
Requirements for Proposal:
• 300-600 words
• MLA Format
• No first or second person (e.g. I, me, we, you, our, us, my, etc.)
• A brief outline of your topic and the position that you are taking/arguing.
• A clear and arguable thesis.
Along with your research proposal, you will also submit an annotated bibliography in which you will list and briefly describe the sources that you are going to use for your final paper (see pg. 553-55 in your Bedford Handbook).
Requirements for Annotated Bibliography:
• Minimum of five scholarly sources
o At least two of these sources must come from the online databases accessible through the Texas State library.
o At least one of these sources must come from an actual book/text from the library.
o At least three of your sources must be from the past fifteen years.
• MLA Format
• Each entry must be followed by a three- to seven-sentence summary, evaluation, and synthesis (i.e., comparison to the other sources you will be using).
• No first or second person.

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How Have Cell Phones Changed Society?
Background Information
The introduction of cell phones have given the society a new meaning in terms of communication and social interactions. Unlike in the past, today one is able to make calls, send messages, emails, take pictures as well as recoding audio messages and send to a limitless geographical location. In other words, cell phones have simplified the means of communication between one business partners, family members and state governments even if there is a massive distance between them. Psychologically intensive usage of mobile phones have changed human behaviors and perception among one another. In addition, the introduction of cell phones has led to the reduction and elimination of other conventional means of communication such as letters and cutting the pressure of travelling from one point to another to deliver messages. Apart from simplifying communication, cell phone have boosted and simplified the process of saving and spending money through online digital transactions that have become handy for people who cannot access banks around the world. Lastly, cell phones have helped to create new market places and job openings through its manufacturing process and ads that promotes products and services especially in the e-commerce industry. Thus, the introduction of cellphones have significantly boosted the social, economic and political transformation of the society.
Literature Review
Addo, Augustine. “The adoption of mobile phone: How has it changed us socially?” Issues in Business Management (2013): 1 (3); 047-060.
An original research paper by Addo (2013), investigating how the adoption of mobile phones have changed the society over the years. Particularly. The research investigates how cell phones have changed the behavior, attitude and perception of individuals today. The study reconnoitered a convenient sample of 250 respondents who were randomly selected for the study in Ghana, The findings of the study revealed positive evidences of positive influence in the adoption of cell phones in enhancing communication.
This article is relevant for this paper as it provides essential insights on the communication benefits of mobile phones in the society today. In addition, the findings of the study is in congruence with the part of the thesis statement, which is that the adoption of mobile phones have significantly improved the social aspects of humans by advancing the level of communication.
Goggin, Gerard. Cell Phone Culture: Mobile Technology in Everyday Life. Abingdon, UK: Routledge, 2012. Print.
A book by Goggin (2012), provides a clear, simple and updated overview of mobile phones, telecommunications and transformation in a historical and technological context. The author supports his arguments with clear...
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