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Annotated Bibliography: Genetic Modification (Annotated Bibliography Sample)


Topic: Human genetic modification is no longer the science fiction depicted in Gattaca. Beginning in 2016, several couples have given birth to babies that were genetically modified using DNA from a third person. More recently in 2018, a Chinese scientist genetically modified an embryo to reduce the risk of developing H.I.V. from the infected father. Besides the ethical concerns of this practice, some scientists are worried about the impact especially of germline editing, which results in a permanent change to the DNA which is passed onto future generations (a heritable condition).
For this essay, take a stance on whether or not we should participate in genetic modification of pre-implantation embryos. Besides, medical/health impact, the paper must also consider the social impact of genetically manipulating humans. Please do not bring religion into the paper.
Thesis: What's your position on genetic modification? Should we embrace our ability to determine the traits or conditions that our children will develop, or should we let nature do what it's been doing so well for hundreds of thousands of years? You can have a balanced perspective (meaning it's not all negative or all positive); however, there should still be a stronger disposition for one side of the argument.
The above is a way to begin considering your argument and reasons behind your opinion.


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Annotated Bibliography: Genetic Modification
This annotated bibliography presents the sources that will be used to develop the essay on the issue of gene modification. All the sources are credible, which enables them to be reliable sources for the paper. The sources offer different perspectives on the issue to enable the author to present a balanced perspective on gene modification.
Baylis, Françoise, and Marcus McLeod. "First-in-human phase 1 CRISPR gene editing cancer trials: are we ready?." Current gene therapy 17.4 (2017): 309-319.
In this article, the authors justify the need for gene editing. The authors support their position by indicating how gene modification could be critical in eliminating conditions like melanoma, synovial sarcoma, and multiple myeloma. I would use the article to justify the need for genetic modification in the control of diseases. The article is credible because the authors have undertaken extensive research to make their claims on the issue. It also offers insights to determine when it is ethically acceptable to conduct such trials depending on the safety and efficacy data from pre-clinical studies.
Harris, John. Pro and Con: Should Gene Editing Be Performed on Human Embryos? 2019.
The article from National Geographic offers a comprehensive analysis of the benefits and disadvantages of gene editing. Here, John Harris presents both sides of the debate to enable the reader to make an informed decision regarding the issue of genetic editing in humans. The strength of the article is its analysis of scientific evidence as well as current events. The article will be useful in presenting a balanced view of the controversial issue.
Hendriks, S., et al. "Reasons for being in favour of or against genome modification: a survey of the Dutch general public." Human Reproduction Open 2018.3 (2018): hoy008.
This article presents the general public’s reasons for supporting and against the use of genome modification. It includes the results of a cross-sectional survey that was done online among the Dutch general public. All

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