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Case Briefs Essay: Dickerson vs US (Essay Sample)


write an essay on the case I attached and what is the significance to the day to day operation of law enforcement officers.
Does the case require the police to acquire more evidence than normal?
Does the case introduce procedural hurdles for police?
Does the case make it less likely a defendant will make a statement?
How does the case protect the rights of an accused? If so, how meaningful are these rights? Why?


Dickerson v. US
Dickerson v. US
The case does not require more evidence considering the prior collected evidence had already been submitted during the trial and was admissible as sufficient enough to be presented before the jury; therefore it would make no difference in acquiring more evidence. This would have minimal if not zero impact on the case. It is by available evidence that the decisions were made regarding the Dickerson v. US case. The courts had confidence in the gathered evidence. The only issue was on Miranda declaration as well as the recording of statement by accused, on whether the comments were made out of coercion or if they were voluntarily made.
The case introduces procedural hurdles to law enforcement because The Supreme Court held that even if police do not inform suspects of their rights while they are in police custody, statements made by the suspects may still be used against them later at their trials. It is therefore upon every police officer to have proof before a court of law that indeed the suspect was informed of their rights while in police custody. Even though Dickerson was indicted for bank robbery, he tried to have his confession suppressed during a trial because the FBI did not inform him of his rights. This is a significant hurdle to law enforcement, whose work is to bring bad guys to book. Also, a suspect tells the court he or she made statements involuntarily, something which may adversely the case. So, it is upon law enforcement to come up with the right procedures and mechanisms to have admissible stateme

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