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The Impact Of Social Media On Social And Psychological Behavior (Annotated Bibliography Sample)


this is my final project, hope youcan follow the instruction that i sent, I uploaded. also can follow the instruction that i sent to write the essay. main about Annotated_Bibliography_Instruction_updated_7-1.pdf and Annotated_Bibliograpy_Detailed_Instructions(1).pdf
three topics is to give you a chose,Topics_List.pdf


What is the Impact of Social Media on Social and Psychological Behavior?
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What is the Impact of Social Media on Social and Psychological Behavior?
With the advancements in the technological sector, it is not only the production of goods and services that is affected, the human behavior is also feeling its impact. The booming social media networks and platforms is changing how we as human beings function or relate to each other. It is also affecting our health statuses specifically psychological status. Therefore, this annotation is in reference to my research question: “What is the impact of social media on social and psychological behaviour?” Social media are technologies supported by computers to enhance establishment and sharing of information, ideas as well as job related issues through computer-related environment and systems of the network. These technologies enable people to communicate or share information with each other anytime and from anywhere, they do not need to have a physical meeting for information sharing. This sharing of ideas and information through social media has both positive and negative challenges. In this annotated bibliography, I have identified some sources that have studied social media and there effect on social and psychological behaviour.
Sets of Keywords:
* “Social media” and “social behavior”
* “Social media” and “psychological norms”
* “Social media effects” and “health status”
* “Psychological” and “social”
Databases searched:
* National Center for Biotechnology Information
* Academic Search Complete
* LexisNexis
Citations and Annotations:
Scholarly Articles:
Young, S. D., & Jordan, A. H. (2013). The Influence of Social Networking Photos on Social Norms and Sexual Health Behaviors. Cyberpsychology, Behavior and Social Networking, 16(4), 243–247.
This article examines the influence of the online social networking technologies on social norms and behaviour and how it affects an individual's perspective. The article includes two studies in which the participants were allowed to few sexually suggestive content on their peers' social media profiles. I consider this article to be important because it studies two different sets of participants; first, were asked to view their friends Facebook photos with a low sexually influencing content. The participants were requested to give their opinion on whether they will use condoms in the sex. Those who did not view the photos suggested that they will use condoms than those who viewed the photos. In study two, participants were requested to view sexually or non-sexually suggestive photos and respond to sexual risk behavioral questions. Those who viewed the non-suggestive photos indicated that their peers who viewed the suggestive content were likely to engage in unprotected sex. The study found that online social networks have an influence on social behavior. The study also suggested that social media/networks has the potential of affecting people's health behaviors by altering their perceptions on various norms.
Perloff, R. M. (2014). Social media effects on young women's body image concerns: Theoretical perspectives and an agenda for research. Sex Roles, 71(11-12), 363-377.
Most articles have focused on the effects of social media on the image portrayal of women and ignored the processes and effects of social media on young females' body image and self-perceptions. Since young adults especially women enjoy a large presence in the social media networks, ...

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