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Orthopedic Sports Medicine Fellowship (Personal Statement Sample)

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September 04, 2012
Orthopedic Sports Medicine Fellowship
Athletics have contributed towards my penchant for the physician profession. I once incurred an athletic injury and sought help from orthopedic surgeon who treated me suitably and inspired me to pursue career in medicine. The injury was a blessing in disguise for it served as a pedestal through which I could focus my passion and academic work towards medicine. I knew then that I wanted to do medicine although I hade not clearly refined in my mind the best courses to pursue. After thorough introspection, consultation and research I developed and ardent interest towards the human body structure and function. In order to hone my skills in this field I concentrated on human anatomy, physiology and physics. I exerted a lot of attention on human and animal bodies’ models. My experience as a medicine student afforded me a chance to perfect my academic shrewdness in this area and I was able to hone my career objective. The school offered invaluable insight into the orthopedic profession.
I became enthralled with mechanical and reconstructive procedures. I was specifically enthralled by performing surgeries with the goal to alleviate restrictions, improve pain to enrich the quality of life, to be both challenging and tremendously rewarding. The multitude of orthopaedic subspecialties was quite overwhelming for me as a first year students at one point I was tempted to change course and pursue a hand or spine fellowship. Nevertheless, I did not let challenges blur my career aspirations, deep inside of me; I knew my true passion when I started my sports rotation as an intern. Mid way the first month I amassed innumerable skills I was able to place suture anchors, and tie arthroscopic knots. The term ExpresSew, which I had previously associated with a type of coffee, was now replaced with a type of arthroscopic tool. I garnered the ability to triangulate and conceptualize three-dimensional stem from drawing and video games. Most of these skills I garnered through research, consultation and individual effort, gradually I was becoming and expert and Often, I used a USB drive utility to download images for differentiating normal joint anatomy from pathology. Through this exercise, I accumulated skills and knack to bolster acumen in physiology.
In the early days of my residence in the Medicine College, I got senior peers pursuing my field of study and they encouraged me to hone my skills in sports medicine by introducing me to sport related lectures. The more I spent time with them, the more I was convinced that sports medicine would be the best option. Some of the lectures I developed keen interest on include Freddie Fu’s talk on the anatomic anterior cruciate ligament reconstructio...
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