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Change of Major Request to Undergraduate Student Admission Services (Admission Essay Sample)


here is the link for a sample letter format.
following below steps . Here are simple answers.
1. I am interested in global economy especially finance and crypto currency investing
I want to leave CS major due to long estimated graduation years ,but my GPA in this quarter is below 2.0 so, try to transfer next quarter.
2. one quarter
3. i was hard to concentrate during pandemic and all courses were changed to online courses so, I barely study on CS major by myself . I spent most of time at home and study blockchain and cryptocurrency based on my future interest and job. I realized coding itself does not help my goal to succeed because I need to have knowledge for a new digital economic and investing which is really important nowadays for the qualified assets due to monetary inflation. I was sick last quarter for few weeks after I got to U.S and not sure it was cold or covid-19 so, I lost a way to catch up the course materials .
4. Need your help

5. Need your help.
Also there are two additional question that I need to write . You can write on the bottom and I will cut and paste it
- 1. Why would you like to change your major to U/U?
2. What major are you planning to declare and how soon will you be able to declare this new major (after being a U/U student)? - For me, ex) one quarter . economic major
3. Why have you not declared a major already? . I was trying to follow the degree work but realized too many courses that I need to focus on coding and not interesting in it recently with online courses, so I was trying the find a way to transfer economic major but failed to follow condition due to low GPA.
If you need more information about me, feel free to send messages to me


Student Name
Change of Major Request to Undergraduate Student
256 Downing Road
***ton Town, PA 13**
January 08, 2021
Donald ***
Associate Dean
University of California, Irvine
Irvine, CA 92**
Dear Mr. **dub,
I am writing to request for change of major to undergraduate student. I appreciate the opportunity the University has accorded me to pursue the major in Computer Science. The course emphasizes the principles of computing that are extremely vital in the modern world. It also provides

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