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I am transferring from Fordham University to NYU. Please write about anything that can possibly help me to be enrolled in NYU. The file i uploaded was the resume i wrote last year. It contains my personal information and please write differently from that. Thank you.


Admission Services - Admission Essay
New York University is one of the most prominent universities around the world. Most people aspire to get enrolled in the university. I have studied at Fordham University although I aspire to join New York University. Reasons such as the university’s mode of studies and the cultural diversities make some of the ideas as to why I aspire to join the NYU. My major has sociology and economics, where I have gathered a detailed research experience. My admission to the university would be a critical step towards advancing research skills. In the NYU, I am applying for social and cultural analysis major. Based on my research about the university, I aspire to pursue this significant and gain extensive knowledge that would further help me in my career.
The university would also give me a chance to explore my leadership abilities. One of the areas through my hobbies and the activities I have participated in was being a leader for a soccer team. The NYU is a prominent university in the sporting world, which would be a great opportunity after joining the university to help in the exploration of my abilities to lead the soccer team. I also had a chance to drive debate contests, which is an experience that has helped me to enhance my public speaking and arguing skills. My debating experience had also helped me to improve how to express mysel

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