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Letter Of Intent, Return To Houston, Nursing School At WGU (Admission Essay Sample)


I need a letter of intent to apply for nursing school at WGU. It needs to be simply essay format, discussing why I would like to become an RN, goals/motivations, and why i think i would be a good fit for WGU if selected to be in their program. Thank you.


Letter of Intent
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Letter of Intent
I was born in Houston, Texas. When I was 3 years old my family decided to relocate to Mexico. After eight years, my family chose to return to Houston. I learned English on my own after high school by talking to people and watching TV. I also got to learn how to drive, on my own, at the age of 20. Passion has always driven my life. Over the years, I came to realize that I have a deep passion for nursing and, consequently, I decided to pursue it as my preferred career. I would like to join a university that is capable of making this dream a reality. I will be highly privileged to pursue this dream at WGU.
When my mother was diagnosed with ovarian cancer, I knew that I wanted to become a nurse. I could see the way the nurses were taking care of her, and I developed a great desire to become a nurse in the future so that I could continue to help her. I have been helping her for the last 12 years, and I must acknowledge that my motivation to become an RN has been increasing. Once I become a registered nurse, I will not only help my parents to maintain a good health, but also help them financially.
A tragic happening that claimed the death of my nephew also had an influence in pushing me to want to become a nurse. When he was three years old, he was found to have AML/ acute myeloid leukemia. He was put under tr

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