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Choosing In The Dilemma: Normal Jobs Or Dream Jobs (Essay Sample)


Analysis the questions from three factors: labor market, parents' expectations and, for international students, the idea of home. Structure would one introduction, three(or more) body paragraphs for each factors, and one conditions. I already finish an annotated bibliography containing 4 resources, please include those 4 resources.I also have a draft for presentation of the same topic. You could use it as an outline.
Please do not use complicated words. Thank you.


Richard D. Treat
DISC 1313
15 November 2017
Choosing in the Dilemma: Normal Jobs or Dream Jobs
Studies play a great role in helping us achieve a brighter future which each one of us dreams of. Our dreams vary greatly and consequently the way we achieve these dreams is different from one another. Education is one of the key factors towards opening the doors to our future but the way we use the education we gain in college determines greatly whether we achieve our dreams or not. Employment opportunities offer an avenue towards achieving our dreams. First one needs to get into their dream job for them to live a live that they always dreamt of. However, in the current world of globalization competition for jobs has gone very high. Employees are looking to hire people of high standards and their choices are influenced by external factors. Consequently these external factors determine whether one is able to get into their dream job or they land into a job that pays enough money for a standard living. These factors include the labor market, the parents' expectations and the idea of home.
Firstly, the labor market influences one's ability to land on their dream jobs. There are several dynamic in the labor market which determine whether one achieves their dream job or not. Labor market mostly refers to the chances whether a person could get his dream job. If the demand of labor is high, it might be easier to get a dream job that not only fulfill one's ambition but also offers a good wage. On the opposite side, if the labor market doesn't work as well as person's wish, it might be safer to get a normal stable job to meet one's requirements for loans, insurances, foods and other daily expenses. Notably, Gardner's 2011 research has highlighted on some of the key progresses in the labor market. Firstly, Gardner (26) acknowledges that the labor market has grown compared to the previous years. Gardner's analysis indicates that the construction industries continue to grow, especially after recent weather incidents with the most construction companies reporting in the survey since 2007. Despite the fact that college market remains strong, 39% of the employers promised to increase salaries of the employees, 61% percent reported salaries would remain. Fewer employers were seeking specific majors for instance in technical or business. The employers have planned to hire more than 40, 0000 interns and co-ops with an average of 40 per organization.
Despite the existence of these very promising job opportunities, there comes a challenge of determining how to employ and what type of employee that the employer needs. The world is very competitive and people have opted for those with higher academic papers. This is where the challenge comes in for the college graduates who a majority of them do not possess degree certificates. With such instances it becomes difficult to fit into the world of competition especially where employers are hiring people of higher academic achievements than that of college graduates. However, still there is hope for the college graduates to achieve their dream jobs. Firstly one can upgrade their studies into the degree level in order to fit into the job market. The challenge with this option is that of time and people find it very stressful to continue with their studies once they are done with college education. The second option is that one can employ themselves in their dream job. More often this is the best option but is usually faced by the challenges of financial stability required to start up your business to achieve your dream job. Lastly, one can opt to land into any other job that is different from their dream job and live a standard live. Therefore, the dynamics of the labor market affect ones choice and ability to achie...

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