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College Tuition About That Affects On People (Term Paper Sample)


this paper for the presentation, no range, I will put the teacher's request behind.
As a group, you will define the political issue you are interested in, the group you are representing and their stance on the issue, the audience you are targeting, and the outcome you hope to achieve as part of your campaign.
You’ll want to justify your decisions: why is the issue that you selected important to the group’s goals? Why is the audience you are targeting relevant or important for this issue? Why is the goal you are pursuing valuable?
Your group will outline, both in written form, and in a presentation to the class on April 24th, the campaign you are proposing. You will describe the proposed campaign, why it should be effective, and how it will be achieved. You will produce two concrete examples of campaign messages that you would be promoting - including where those messages would be heard/viewed - describing how it reflects your overall campaign strategy.
The campaign plan should include:
An abstract, or summary, of the plan that includes the problem or area you're seeking to inform or persuade about
Your explicit goal and how you will measure its effectiveness (you won't be doing the measuring, you'll just be telling me how you'd know if the communication tactics work)
Background about the issue
Previous messaging on the issue (including methods used)
Communication channels at your disposal (e.g. social media platforms, TV commercials, spokespersons
Strategy for communicating your message of political importance
Message(s) designed to achieve the stated goal (e.g. tweets? commercials? ads? speeches? images? and the content of those)
I will ask for two copies of the written report per group (8 1/2 x 11, typed, double spaced). Your presentation will last roughly 10-12 minutes and should include a question and answer session. Each group member is expected to take part in the presentation.


Campaign Plan to Reduce Tuition Fees in Colleges
The increment of tuition fees in universities has several effects on the expectations of the students. Since the introduction of the tuition fees, there are many concerns raised by the under-represented group of students who have been unable to access higher education. The government introduced the student loans which transferred the role of paying the tuition fees to the students. There is little consideration on the effect of raising the tuition fees and transferring the payment of the fees on the expectations and performance of the student. The students have expectations on changes in the employment sector after they have graduatedCITATION Gor16 \p 54 \l 1033 (Gordon and Aaron 54). Unfortunately, the increment of these tuition fees is not reflected in the job market space. There are high cases of unemployment and some of the students go through so many challenges as their student loan is accumulating making them be in debt.
The purpose of this campaign plan is to raise awareness of the need for changes in the employment sector. It will serve as a voice for the under-represented students who go through so many challenges after completing their university education. The goal of the campaign is to ensure that the job providers and the government put in place the right policies to make sure the graduates are absorbed into the job market after graduation. This will help resolve the issue of the students going into debt after their graduation.
Previous Messaging on the Issue
There are a series of demonstrations that have been taking part in various parts of the world to push the government to lower tuition fees and provide employment for the youth. During these demonstra

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