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Global Ideology: The Book The Poorer Nations By Vijay Prashad (Term Paper Sample)


Read book "The Poorer Nations" by vijay prashad chapter 4 (only) thoroughly and tricontinental report. Write for CHINA newspaper.
1. Distill the report and the chapter of the book
2. Write for hometown (China) newspaper
3. 1100 words maximum


Topic Global Ideology Final Paper
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Since the beginning of 1970s, countries in the global South have always struggled to find their place in the political world. In The Poorer Nations by Vijay Prashad, he discusses this in detail as he talks about the failure of neoliberalism and the rise of the Brazil, Russia, India and Chinese countries CITATION Vij13 \l 1033 (Prashad, 2013). In particular, when looking at the efforts of China to create alternatives to neoliberalism project the advance in social and political battles between the countries and other developed nations' allies. Chapter 4 of the book finds itself a lot of content that is related to the Chinese attitudes and developments towards neoliberalism as discussed below.
Looking at the history of global south in particular that of china in the 1970s, the third world project was meant to challenge the established international orders that saw the growth of bargaining power and an increase in assertiveness by the country. According to the writer, the G7 establishment in the 1972 was aimed at countering this challenge and re-establish the social, economic and political dominance by the great Northern countries while leaving out china and others. This is well discussed in the fourth chapter of Prashad's book where the South is the periphery needed to be put in place CITATION Vij13 \l 1033 (Prashad, 2013). Just like the other BRIC countries, neoliberalism was meant to counter the ideologies of G7 countries as the dominant powers of the globe. For Prashad, neoliberalism means that there is a fair and straightforward campaign by the well-developed class of countries to maintain their dominating positions CITATION Hai15 \l 1033 (Ren, 2015). For Chinese liberal thinkers, this means that the country has been sidelined for years. Among the earliest forms of resistance include the attempt by Brandt Commission of experts which looked at neoliberalism has informed by global Keynesianism. However, there are still a lot things that the country needs to do to achieve this vision CITATION Hai15 \l 1033 (Ren, 2015).
Mr. Prashad is a proud man when he looks at the development of China in terms of neoliberalism. The post-Mao china has continued to be very successful with its efforts to tame all forms of the neoclassical political and economic doctrines as market agents exercise a ve

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