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Sub-Saharan Africa. Geog 377: Africa south of the Sahara (Term Paper Sample)

Geog_377_term_paper_Fall_2011.docx Geog 377: Africa south of the Sahara Fall 2011 Term Paper Assignment Assigned: September 30, 2011 Due date: December 9, 2011 Present your paper addressing ONE of the following questions. 1. Drawing examples from SSA discuss the view that governance is the most crucial factor for countries to improve their citizen's lives. 2. Using one county as an example, demonstrate how Africa's colonial past has shaped the current problems and opportunities of the country. 3. Discuss the impacts that arise from food insecurity in SSA. Citing examples from around the world discuss strategies that can improve the situation for the worst affected people 4. Analyse this: Africa's development problems are problems of aid and not trade. Note: - Your paper should be between 12-15 pages double spaced, excluding references and any visual aids such as maps - Your citations should correspond to APA 5th and should be properly placed in the text to prevent plagiarism. Also be consistent throughout your write-up. You may use EndNote or RefWorks to maximise accuracy and consistency. - Your paper should contain references from at least 15 scholarly sources such as journals, books or edited books. Video sources, even quotations from videos are acceptable if properly referenced. - Endeavour to include all you references in the reference list. - Marks will be awarded for: Content Organization Cogency and coherence of arguments Clarity of Expression In text and bibliographic citation source..

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Thesis statement
The paper discusses the impacts that arise from food insecurity in Sub-Saharan Africa and discussing strategies around the world that can improve the situation for the worst affected peoples.
Sub-Saharan Africa (SSA) has been vulnerable to food insecurity as a result of the existing extreme weather events, increased rates of poverty, lack of successful local agriculture, inability and disinterest to take action by local officials coupled with infrastructures that are inadequate such as roads and telecommunication networks which have lead to the decrease in production and distribution capacities (Dermott, 2010). The situation has been complicated further by the existence of disorganized and inefficient international response to crisis.
Climate change has become an inevitable process especially in Sub-Saharan Africa where it has caused negative impacts not only to rainfall deficits and projected warming, but has also made the Sub-Saharan Africa population vulnerable. The severe impact has been felt upon food security which encompasses three components that is access, availability and utilization (Thompson, 2010).Due to the climate change effects, there has been decreased crop productivity, land degradation coupled with high market prices, negative effects on the people`s livelihood and increased malnutrition.
Africa as a continent, has been commonly identified as a region that is highly vulnerable to the change of climate (Cooper, 2008).This has been characterized by the political, economic and social constrains that develops human capacity systems to cope up with external stressors of climate change and the related hazards.
Impacts of food insecurity in Sub-Sahara Africa
Since the late 1950s, food insecurity crisis has been characterized as a supply issue in the Sub-Sahara Africa. Lack of successful and widespread agriculture, has influenced the failure of the local governments to provide food that is enough for their population. This has resulted to dependency on food aid. In reaction to the food insecurity issue, the Western governments and some aid organizations have sought to supply foreign food aid to Sub-Sahara Africa in the form of imported crops mainly from developed and wealthy countries (Paul, 2008).In the recent years, these tactics have been implemented and have extended to comprise support for improved and new technologies in order to advance agriculture and increase food supply systems in Africa. The new and advanced technologies include the exportation of better farming equipment, the use of herbicides and pesticides and the widespread use of Genetically Modified (GM) seeds to produce crops in large quantities. Presently there has been a global push to provide more comprehensive solutions that will help deal with the modern pressures and help compound the situation as the plight o...
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