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Examine an issue from the Article (Neil Postman: Five Things We Need to Know About Technological Change) (Term Paper Sample)

Neil Postman: Five Things We Need to Know About Technological Change I need at least 8 academic resource and 9 or 10 non academice resources source..

Technological Change
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Technology is the enhancement of human power artificially by use of machines. Computers are the form of advanced technology mostly employed and this has found its way in many applications and disciplines. In recent times, what was considered as a means of improving the economy and application of knowledge has become a threat in recent times as it contributes to the social chaos and stagnation of most economies. The invention of Nuclear power, for instance, apart from terrifying and paralyzing creators has led to much harm and fear in the society. Most industries are faced by challenges attributed to the ever surging patterns of quality innovation given that it is usually associated with cost innovation. As most industries evolve especially the one’s dealing with microelectronics, the rate of quality improvement does not diminish and as a result profitability attributed to improved quality may be higher later (Fox, 2010).
This paper will thus explore the concept of technology in the society by looking at the past historical development of this aspect, as well as the benefits it has subjected to the contemporary community. In order to advance its rationale, technological investment has been a center stage in all operations, both in small scale organizations as well as in big corporations. The society is indeed embracing both the advantages and disadvantages of technology, with the positive side arguing that technology is the pivot concept towards expanded worldly operations. Indeed, it’s no doubt that we have seen enormous growth in technology for all spheres of life. Much as we may say of it acting as the core process in our larger process of experiencing a widely growing state of occupation in the global perspective, we cannot shun away from appreciating the devastating effects that its bringing to the society. Much imbalance in the social structures of the society has been as a result of the rapidly growing state of technology. Insecurity and compromised health of people from the negative implications of technology have been significant.
Technology has played various key roles in the economy. Much of its impact can be seen in the way it contributed to the growth of industries, a process referred to as industrialization. As factories and major manufacturing companies resort to the use of machines, this new technologies has led to a vast population to harm out their without employment. In essence, most workers were retrenched as most work is being undertaken by computers and machines. The current technology is at great risk of being obsolete as new inventions are being undertaken each day. Consecutively, there is need of this generation to prepare for tomorrow especially scholars, politicians and businessmen as they are the ones affected to a great extend before the impacts of technological changes resting on the larger population. In order to effectively ...
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