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The Assyrian Civilization - Innovations, Art, Politics and Policies (Essay Sample)

Expository essay on The Assyrian Civilization focused on innovations, art, policies and politics. All sources are to be scholarly references. MLA formatting only. source..
The Assyrian Civilization - Innovations, Art, Politics and Policies
The Assyrian Civilization
The Assyrians lived in Northern Iraq, Northwestern Iraq, and Southern- eastern Turkey which is now the modern present-day. "They are occupied in a location called Assyrian Triangle which is located between the lower Zab and the Tigris Rivers. They were 3 million people who populated the Assyrian region and their native language is called Assyrian, sometimes referred as Neo-Aramatic or Syriac" (Patrick,2007).
The 7th and 6th century B.C, the empire of the Assyrian and Babylonian fell and it reduced the Assyrian population to a small nation living at the mercy of their overloads and gods in the immensely scattered lands all over the middle Eastern region. Regardless of the fallout of the empire, they played a key role in the development of civilization in mankind. "They were the first people to embrace Christianity among the 1st century" (Tauris, 2006). Due to the frequent violence that was cast amongst them over the following century due to their religion and nationality, they almost lost their identity as a nation. It was until the middle of the 19th century, when they came contact directly with western world of which their existence attracted the attention of the western world. Owing the hatred they had towards Babylon with passion, the Monarchs of Assyrian took action and destroyed Babylon which resulted for the Assyrian moving their capital into the city of Nineveh.
The Assyrian Innovation
The Assyrian Military commanders grew wealthy from the spoils of war and were the largest standing arm ever seen in the Middle East. The provisions of war excited new technologies innovation which made them almost unbeatable; iron swords, lance, metal armor and battering rams were innovated and made them a fearsome foe in battle. Another great innovation was of science and mathematics which they had among the great mathematical inventions of the Assyrians, the division of the circle into 360o degrees. They were also responsible for the innovation of the longitude and latitude systems which they used for navigation and mapping and also developed the sophisticated medical science, which greatly influenced medical science as far away as Greece.
The Assyrians were the first to invent the larger cavalry squadrons and was created to keep the army supplied with horses which was able to get hold of 3,000 horses a month for military use. The Assyrian came up with invention of the leather jackboot which provided an excellent example; initially they wore sandals which were ineffective in preventing foot injuries to troops forced to conduct operations in rough terrain. The lack of adequate footgear was a major factor in limiting the tactical mobility of the early ancient armies to withstand the desert climates.
The regular use of tactical engineering units also provided yet another increase in the combat power of fi...
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