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Karen Larwin & David Larwin, (2011) (Statistics Project Sample)

Elementary Probability & Statistics Find an article of at least 5 pages that uses a fair amount of statistics. (Preferably one related to your interested area of study.) Write a 2 – 3 page critique of the use of the statistics, including a summary of the article. The critique at least should address the following. Write your detailed reasoning. i) Who is the intended audience? ii) Is there enough information given to analyze the statistics? Why? iii) Is the information clearly and concisely presented? Why? iv) Is there any bias? Why? v) Do you think any of the information is missing or presented in a misleading way? Give a detailed reasoning. Points assigned as: vi) 2-points – For just finding and reading the article, vii) 2-points – For including the article, viii) 2-points – For typing your critique, ix) 2 points – For spelling, grammar, sentence structure, etc, x) 2 points – For each of the items above (items i – v). Please don\\\\\\\'t forget to attach your article too!!! source..
Statistics project
Article: Karen Larwin & David Larwin, (2011). Evaluating the Use of Random Distribution Theory to Introduce Statistical Inference Concepts to Business Students. Journal of Education for Business
The article by Larwin regarding statistical inference has brought out suitable information regarding statistics utilization by students. The author attempts to find out suitable ways through which major research goals within education may be realized (Larwin, 2011). Educators and researchers have over substantial time period sought reform within statistical education area with the aim of effectively reaching the mounting students’ population throughout various disciplines, wherein they have to cover statistics within their course work. Most students in this case have been found to have limited interest regarding learning statistics and also mathematics. According to Larwin, efforts towards reforms have projected that education regarding statistics ought to abandon the model concerning information transfer in support of constructivist approach towards learning. The aim of this is to prop up understanding development by students towards statistical concepts, further than mathematical formulas utilization.
Constructivist approach towards learning is usually founded on assertion that learning is a mental construction outcome wherein students have the capacity to integrate new information through building upon knowledge which has already been acquired (Larwin, 2011).
Statistics is usually perceived as a mathematics subcategory which is a science just like physics is. It depends highly on computations regarding mathematics. It differs from mathematics in that in that it is an inference science, having varying thinking modes and concepts which differ from those of mathematics (Larwin, 2011). For successful education regarding statistics to be realized by nonmath majors, a bal...
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