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ANOVA and Chi Square (Statistics Project Sample)


Decision #1 only Deb is the owner of Deb\\\'s Pizza, Ice Cream, and Coffee Palace - an establishment that prides itself on providing essential survival supplies for college students. She is currently selling pizzas in a small shop on Monroe Ave. in Corvallis, but is considering an expansion of her current business to other campuses and needs help making this decision. She\\\'s collected some data and asks you to help her analyze and present it to the Small Business Administration loan officer who will either reject her proposal or provide funding for the proposed expansion. Each of the following worksheets has one or more data set and one or more questions. Analyze the data, answer the questions, and report your conclusions and recommendations in a 1-2 page business for Deb. Data calculations should not be placed in the memo - you should attach your Excel spreadsheets and summarize your analysis in the memo.


Welcome Home
To: Deb The owner of Pizza, Ice Cream, and Coffee Palace
SUBJECT: Expansion of the Business
A thorough research and analysis of the intended project to expand the Pizza, Ice Cream, and Coffee Palace business to other campuses reveals that it will be a viable ordeal. Findings from the data collected make it apparent that expanding the business to other campuses will be fruitful. This owes to the reality that the studied locations and innovations emphasize the aforementioned suggestion. It is also clear that launching a campaign to boost the sales for the business is important because it increases the sales. Ultimately, it is crucial to market the different flavors of desserts according to gender.
Expanding the Business to Other Campuses
Pizza, Ice Cream, and Coffee Palace should expand the business to other campuses because they are potential locations for making sales. A one-way Anova that was conducted on the data from Portland, Eugene, and Salem highlighted this fact. This owes to the reality that the critical F value was 3.4 while the calculated F value was 29.2526. Since the critical F was lower than the calculated F, it was concluded that there was a statistically significant difference in the sales of pizzas from the three locations. A further Post Hoc analysis of the data revealed that Portland had the highest sales of the three locations and that all the three locations had different means.
Turkey HSD37.17788569Portland mean-Eugene mean 113.90 Portland mean-Salem mean 54.83 Eugene mean-Salem mean 59.07 Increasing Advertisements and promotions
A student t...
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